Charter’s new integration saves keystrokes, reduces errors, and improves security for equipment dealers

Charter Software Inc. recently announced that it has enhanced ASPEN, its Windows-based business management system, with the addition of 2 new interfaces: 1) Bobcat Bass II, a parts catalog interface for Bobcat dealers, and 2) ChargeItPro, a powerful credit card interface for U.S. dealers.

Bobcat Bass II saves Bobcat dealers time and keystrokes by allowing them to see their part information stored in ASPEN from within Bobcat BASS II, a Web-based application where they can access the latest information on all models of Bobcat compact equipment. From BASS II, they can transfer picklists to their ASPEN invoices, parts orders and/or service work orders, saving an enormous amount of time otherwise spent re-keying.

ChargeItPro is a seamless, secure credit card processing solution by Payment Processing Partners, a leading payment processing provider and a Charter Software partner. Using Charter’s ChargeItPro interface, dealers can process credit card transactions through ASPEN’s Point-of-Sale screen. “ChargeItPro’s payment processing and comprehensive reporting options will provide Charter’s customers with added functionality and ease of use,” said Rose Calander, sales development director, Payment Processing Partners. Added Charter Software President Anne Salemo, “ChargeItPro’s compliance with PCI standards for storing credit information was a huge factor in our decision to partner with them. Their extensive security features and validations make it the most secure credit card processing software available to our customers, and we are pleased to add it to our offerings.”

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