c-Systems, Toro release EZ-Link interface

On July 27, c-Systems Software, Inc., announced that it has partnered with The Toro Company to provide an interface to Toro’s EZ-Link 2.0 system, which will allow customers of Toro or Exmark and c-Systems to electronically file product reg­istrations with Toro.

EZ-Link safely and seam­lessly integrates to the c-Systems business management system, automating Toro’s product registration sys­tem for dealers. When customer information is entered into the business system, EZ-Link will finish the registration process automati­cally.

“Working together, we and Toro are adding functionality and automation to our dealers’ systems,” said c-Systems President Steve Stinson.

EZ-Link works in conjunc­tion with business management software to automatically send Toro daily invoice and inventory data.

“By integrating EZ-Link into c-Systems business management software, we have created a winning situation for our mutual dealers,” added Stinson.

EZ-Link also automates promotion reimbursement claims by automatically enter­ing the correct promotion code. This ensures that dealers never miss out on rebates for speci­fied models.

Another benefit is that Toro will have real-time retail and field inventory information to help more accurately plan production and greatly reduce out-of-stock and back-order situations of key Toro mod­els. In short, dealers have the product they need, when they need it.

For more information about c-Systems Software, visit www.csystemssoftware.com.

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