Stihl Inc. unveils new products, new initiatives

The folks at Stihl Inc. were extremely busy hosting several events at GIE+EXPO, including a new product press conference, several “Dealer Experience” sessions, the High-Performance Parts and Accessories Department, a breakout session, an awards press conference and an informal press conference to announce a small-business initiative called “Independent We Stand.”

At the new product press conference, Stihl announced that it recently received a Popular Mechanics 2010 Breakthrough Award for its HSA 65 hedge trimmer with 36-volt Stihl Lithium-Ion battery-power technology. This cordless hedge trimmer produces zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise (four times quieter than its gasoline-powered equivalent), making it ideal for use in noise- and emission-sensitive places such as interior landscaping properties, residential areas, public parks, roof gardens, hospitals and municipalities. Stihl announced that in 2011 it will be extending the 36-volt Stihl Lithium-Ion battery-power technology to two string trimmers in the spring and a chain saw and handheld blower in the fall.

In addition, Stihl announced that it is now offering a battery belt for Stihl Lithium-Ion powered tools. This comfortable and lightweight belt is equipped with a battery bag for one battery, electric cable and battery adapter housing. The belt allows its wearers to take the weight of the battery off their hands, arms and shoulders and place it on their hip, reducing the handheld weight of the tools. With the optional additional bag, longer run times are possible by carrying a second and even a third battery.

Also on the new product front, Stihl introduced two chain saws and two wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

With innovative engine technology, the Stihl MS 261 and MS 261 C-Q chain saws reduce emissions up to 50 percent and provide up to a 20-percent increase in fuel efficiency as compared to previous models, resulting in longer periods of use between refueling. Made for a variety of professional users like landscapers, arborists, loggers, farmers and municipalities, these chain saws come equipped with a decompression valve for easier starts and an advanced anti-vibration system that helps reduce user fatigue. The compact, space-saving design of the split-barrel carburetor and the stainless-steel muffler reduce overall weight. Both the Stihl MS 261 and MS 261 C-Q have several operator-friendly components, including a side-access chain tensioner, toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers, and a translucent fuel tank. Captive bar nuts are retained in the sprocket cover to prevent their loss and are designed for self-guided mounting. Pre-separation air filtration provides greater air-cleaning efficiency and longer run times between filter maintenance. The MS 261 C-Q also includes Stihl Quickstop Plus, an additional chain braking system designed to stop the chain in less than one second of releasing the rear handle.

The Stihl SE 122 and Stihl SE 61 wet/dry vacuum cleaners make tackling tough cleanup jobs around the shop and home simple. The high-efficiency filter and cleaning system require less maintenance, less downtime and less cleanup, saving its users time and money.

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