IDN named exclusive distributor group for VP Racing Fuel’s SEF94 small-engine fuel products

The Integrated Distributors Network LLC (IDN) announced July 25 that it has been awarded exclusive rights to distribute VP Racing Fuel’s SEF94 small-engine fuel products for the outdoor power equipment market throughout the United States, effective August 1. Providing a seamless network for the sales, marketing and distribution of products across the United States, IDN is uniquely positioned to provide VP Racing Fuel products immediate and complete national exposure, including access to a network of more than 20,000 dealers and retailers.

Created in 2004 to provide a complete national distribution system within the OPE industry, IDN is comprised of companies that are leaders in their local and regional markets. Individually, these companies provide responsive local service, as well as have the ability to utilize the network’s resources to provide the highest levels of service to all customers, regardless of location. IDN member companies include Atlantic Power Inc., Central Power Systems, Magneto Power, MWE, Power Source Canada, Preferred Power Inc. and SEDCO Inc.

Since its founding in 1974, VP Racing Fuels has become a respected and recognized world leader in fuel technology for the most sophisticated race engines in the world. In developing SEF94, VP Racing’s chemists applied their knowledge in molecular technology and their expertise in formulating high-quality racing fuels to design a fuel specifically for today’s high-performance small engines.

SEF94 is a timely opportunity. High octane, stable and ethanol-free, SEF94 was developed specifically to address the damaging effects of ethanol from typical street gasoline on small-engine performance and product life. Unlike street gasoline that could contain as much as 15-percent ethanol, this fuel contains zero ethanol, so it will not attract moisture, degrade plastic and rubber components, or leave gummy deposits in the fuel system that will eventually adversely affect engine performance and durability. SEF94 is available in a straight gasoline formulation for use in four-cycle engines and pre-blended gasoline/synthetic oil formulations that take the guesswork out of fueling two-cycle equipment.

“We’re very excited to offer SEF94,” said John Krueger, marketing director for Central Power Systems. “Here’s a product that’s convenient and easy to use, boosts performance, burns cleaner, remains stable, extends engine life, and combats the effects of ethanol by simply leaving it out. And who better to produce a high-performance small engine fuel than VP Racing, true experts in racing fuels for over 35 years? We feel strongly that this is the right product from the right company at just the right time for our industry, and we look forward to a very successful launch.”

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