Toro launches first battery-powered Dingo compact utility loader

Toro released the first battery-powered Dingo, the Toro e-Dingo 500, along with a Dingo 4-in-1 Bucket attachment and Dingo Grapple Bucket attachment during the ARA Show in Orlando.

The e-Dingo 500 brings a compact utility loader solution to the marketplace that is lithium ion battery-powered without sacrificing performance. While it was designed with indoor usage in mind (thanks to zero exhaust emissions), it’s strong enough for outdoor applications, as well. Potential market segments include construction, indoor demolition, commercial flooring, warehousing, landscaping, and rental.

Here’s a closer look at the new Toro products that were revealed at the ARA Show.

Toro e-Dingo 500

Toro Unveils Revolutionary e-Dingo 500

New electric compact utility loaders will be available in Spring 2020

Toro has made a major step into the electric-powered equipment marketplace with the introduction of the new Toro e-Dingo 500 compact utility loader.

The e-Dingo allows end users to realize all the benefits and power of a standard compact utility loader with no fuel costs and zero exhaust emissions. Ideal for indoor construction jobs that require fast completion times and reduced overall costs, the new e-Dingo will be available in Spring 2020 through Toro’s extensive network of trusted dealers and rental partners.

Greater efficiency and reliable performance set the e-Dingo apart. It’s powered by lithium-ion battery technology designed for tasks that require heavy or continuous operation for indoor applications. The maximum operating capacity of 515 pounds reduces labor and hauling time.

Versatility is also a hallmark of the new e-Dingo thanks to Toro’s 4-Paw independent 4-wheel drive system and true spin-turn performance. Plus, several existing Dingo attachments are compatible with the new e-Dingo models, including:

• Standard Bucket

• Narrow Bucket

• Light Materials Bucket


• Adjustable Forks

• Multi-Purpose Tool

• Hydraulic Breaker

• Grapple

• Leveler

• Utility Blade

• Auger

“We are truly excited to introduce the new e-Dingo, a compact utility loader that provides an unprecedented combination of power, versatility and durability with zero exhaust emissions, designed for indoor construction,” said Jay Thaker, marketing manager at Toro. “These reliable machines are game-changers for indoor contractors in the compact utility loader category to help reduce overall costs and speed up completion. With the ability to use common attachments that work with all Dingo models, operators will be able to handle a wide variety of tasks with greater efficiency.”

The e-Dingo allows operators to utilize several power modes to conserve energy. The Auto Idle feature automatically conserves energy by powering off the motor after it’s been idle for a certain amount of time. The machine also shifts to low idle after 5 seconds of non-use and shuts off when not in use for over 30 seconds. The operator can then instantly restart the machine by simply double-tapping the traction control lever.

4-in-1 Bucket Attachment for Toro Dingo

Versatile 4-in-1 Bucket Attachment Now Available for Toro Dingo Family

Toro announces a brand-new attachment offering for the Toro Dingo compact utility loader product line, the versatile 4-in-1 bucket attachment. This high-strength and high-performance attachment can handle a variety of earthmoving tasks without the need to change out Dingo attachments. 

The four configurations of the new attachment include:

• Standard Bucket — With the jaws completely closed, operators can use this attachment as a standard bucket. Additionally, operators can simply open the Dingo 4-in-1 bucket jaws to dump the contents into a higher area than a standard bucket can typically reach.

• Leveler — Operating with the jaws completely open gives contractors the ability to use the bucket floor’s rear-cutting edge as a leveler. By simply tipping the bucket slightly so that the rear cutting edge of the bucket floor is on the ground and the forward edge is off the ground, operators can put the cutting edge in reverse across the surface of the ground, resulting in a smooth, level surface.

• Blade — When utilizing the attachment with the jaws completely open, operators can use the back of the bucket as a blade to push material. Additionally, by partially closing the jaws and using the bottom of the front bucket, operators can push material and grade with the rear blade simultaneously.

• Grapple — While using the traction units forward and reverse auxiliary function, the side jaws can be used for picking up material by closing them over objects or materials to be transported.

“It’s all about multiple options in a single attachment when it comes to the new Dingo 4-in-1 bucket,” said Kyle Cartwright, marketing manager at Toro. “Switching out attachments on a jobsite means downtime, so here’s an option that can perform several functions in a single attachment.”

The new Dingo attachment measures approximately 49 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 22 inches high and has an operating weight of 292 pounds. In terms of capacity, the bucket is capable of hauling an impressive 3.3 cubic feet of material at a time. The 4-in-1 bucket attachment is compatible with the Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models.

Toro Grapple Bucket Attachment for Dingo

Toro Announces New Grapple Bucket Attachment for Dingo Product Line

Toro introduces an all-new, dedicated grapple bucket attachment for the trusted Toro Dingo line of compact utility loaders. Designed for simplified handling of a variety of materials including boulders, timber, concrete, scrap, waste and other debris, the new Toro grapple bucket attachment is both easy-to-use and highly productive.

The Toro grapple bucket attachment is constructed of high-strength steel, bringing an unprecedented level of simplicity to material handling, hauling and grading tasks. Available in a standard 34-inch width, contractors are able to optimize the right size grapple bucket for most tasks at hand. The Toro grapple bucket attachment weighs in at approximately 238 pounds.

“Many industry experts claim that a compact utility loader is only as good as the range of attachments that is offered alongside it,” said Kyle Cartwright, marketing manager at Toro. “With that in mind, we believe that by offering a wide range of attachments for the Toro Dingo line, including the new grapple bucket, not only are we making sure our customers have more options to get their work done, but that they’re also using the very best equipment on the market to do it.”

The new grapple bucket attachment is available for the Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models and the new Toro e-Dingo.

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