Constellation: OPE dealers saw sales dropoff start last week

Constellation Data Solutions, a division of Constellation Dealership Group, reports to Outdoor Power Equipment some data points that dealerships can use to measure vs. the overall average national OPE dealer body.

The report is based on 1,037 dealers who have consistently reported their data over the last four years.

The report is showing data from combined sales of parts in all departments, wholegood sales and service repairs.

Constellation Dealership Software companies, Ideal and c-Systems, have developed the largest database of dealership transactional sales, inventory position and task completion information in the OPE markets. Drawing from over 1,000 dealers on a nightly basis, this data warehouse is the largest, most accurate source for dealership and market year-over-year trending information in the industry.

The study is March 2020 Daily Revenue vs. Average of Previous Two Years. The data report, pulled from 1,037 Same Store OPE dealership data, shows:

• Average retail sales decline for previous week over average year: -5%

The precipitous drop was preceded by gains of 2 percent weekly average gains in the first week of March and 11 percent in the second week.

• Greatest single day decline over average year: -15%

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, gets the honors for the greatest single-day revenue decline in March. Leading up to, however, OPE dealership revenues were trending upward: with a 4 percent increase on March 2; minus-3 percent on March 3; 6 percent increase on March 4; 19 percent increase on March 5; and a peak 22 percent increase on March 6. Gains of 4 percent, 16 percent and 6 percent were made March 7, 9 and 10, respectively.

On Wednesday, March 11, when the U.S. government banned European travel, OPE dealers saw a 4 percent decline. That dip was followed by a 1 percent decrease on March 12; 1 percent increase on March 13 and an 11 percent decrease on Saturday, March 14. Decreases of 8 and 1 percent on March 16 and 17 led into the major drop on March 18.

March OPE dealership closures

With California leading the way, approximately 3 percent of OPE dealerships closed or suspended business vs. the previous two-year March average. Most closed within the last week.


Since the European travel ban, increased business closures have been observed.

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