APLD 2017 International Landscape Design Awards

The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) International Landscape Design Awards Program honors excellence in landscape design. The program brings exceptional talent to the attention of peers, potential clients and the world of design.

All 2017 entries were part of an intensive multi-level screening process. A distinguished panel of experts judged the entries to select Gold, Silver and Bronze award recipients. Projects were judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and specific criteria outlined in the awards entry packet. Judges were allowed to select multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each category based on qualifying scores. Each entry category was evaluated independently. The type, size, and cost of the project did not serve as criteria for judging. The judging criteria totals 100 points. Projects scoring 90 points or above received Gold awards. Projects scoring between 80 to 89 points received Silver awards. Bronze awards were given at the judges’ discretion for projects scoring between 75 and 79 points.

From the Gold award-winning entries, the judges chose the 2017 APLD International Landscape Designer of the Year.

Gold Award winners

APLD International Landscape Designer of the Year

The 2017 APLD International Landscape Designer of the Year is Matthew Cunningham of Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC, for the Waban Hillside project.

According to the judges, the before and after of the Waban residence tells the story of the value and benefit of planning and design. The materials, plant choices and arrangement meet the site and client needs. The plan geometry and construction materials reinforce a definite order to this natural setting and environment. A great design structure that is functional and of a form you want to explore and enjoy. This site, designer and client show how fun is part for fundamental.

Photos (above and right) by Matthew J. Cunningham

Baccarat Hotel

Designer: Harrison Green LLC

Judge’s comments: A striking space and plantings. It’s nice to see the progression of the space as referenced by the growth of the ivy in the images on the end panel. It’s a simple and clear illumination of the space.

Photo by Nicholas Calcott

Brookline Residence

Designer: Matthew Cunningham LLC

Judge’s comments: This project has it all…beauty, creativity, functionality, wildlife, and sustainability! Admirable craftsmanship and detail on every level. An impressive family garden.

Photo by Matthew J. Cunningham

Carriage House

Designer/Company: Hess Landscape Architects, Inc.

Judge’s comments: The designer has handled the traditional vocabulary well. Beautiful craftsmanship throughout. Mature shrubs, perennials, and ground covers are very pleasing.

Photo by Stephen Govel Photography

Farm House Gardens

Designer/Company: Jim Douthit/a Blade of Grass

Judge’s comments: A stellar project with a glimpse of some of the before areas are a great evolution and implementation. Good design, materials and placement for form and function.

Photo by Charles Mayer

Hunt Sustainable Landscape

Designer/Company: Tina Nyce, FAPLD, Nyce Gardens

Judge’s comments: So many fun destinations in this garden and well-designed living spaces! What family wouldn’t love to live here? Especially liked the raised curving wood path with its boulders and low plantings.

Photo by Nyce Gardens

Villanova Residence

Designer/Company: Hess Landscape Architects

Judge’s comments: A very unified, “gardenesque” design. Interesting bold, textural plantings throughout. The handsome living spacings work beautifully.

Photo by Stephen Govel Photography

Whimsical Retreat

Designer/Company: Margie Grace & Grace Design Associates, Inc.

Judge’s comments: Playful design meets the brief requirement to respond to the architecture. Living spaces are well thought out and detailed.

Photo by Holly Lepere, Lepere Studio


Designer/Company: Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson

Judge’s comments: Excellent concept for a show garden. Liked the sophisticated use of “peep show” idea to enhance the theme. Very well detailed with witty use of Morse code.

Photo by Zhijian Tan

Brooklyn Townhouse

Designer/Company: Lauren Pucciarelli and Gunn Landscape Architecture team

Judge’s comments: Both designs resolved all the brief issues making highly livable spaces that will age well. Planting in the lower garden was particularly good.

Photo by Gunn Landscape Architecture

Upper Eastside Maisonette Terrace

Designer/Company: Harrison Green LLC

Judge’s comments: Well done! Would love to see this in 10 years when the trees will add so much character and grace to this sophisticated garden space.

Photo by Nicholas Calcott

Silver Award winners

Kyoto Meets New England by Christie Dustman

Santa Fe Botanical Garden by W. Gary Smith Design

A Grand Gesture by Lisa Mierop/Mierop Design

Waterfront Circular Garden by Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC

Bayberry Hillside by Chris Elkow, Mark Hicks/Elise Landscapes & Nursery, LLC

Del Amigo Residence by Mario Herrada – Zacate Landscape Design

Enchanted Oasis by Urban Oasis Landscape Design

Fidalgo Island by Private Gardens Design, Inc.

Orleans Residence by Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture

Stonehurst by Colin/Envision Landscape Studio

Tiga Sanctuary by Cheri Stringer – TLC Gardens

Woodland Rill Garden by JMMDS

A Modified Rain Garden by Wickie Rowland/Labrie Associates, Inc.

Brookline Residence by Nilsen Landscape Design, LLC

Chelsea Terrace by Alexander Gunn, Gunn Landscape Architecture/Install by Vert Gardens

Fifth Avenue Terrace by Harrison Green LLC

Bronze Award winner

Urban Courtyard by Cheri Stringer – TLC Gardens

Information provided by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers www.apld.org.

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