OPE People Podcast

OPE People Podcast

OPE People celebrates the makers, innovators, and doers of the outdoor power equipment industry. Join host Glenn Hansen, editor-in-chief of OPE+ magazine, in personal discussions with movers and shakers in the landscaping and power equipment world and see what makes this unique industry truly special.

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Wear Comfy Shoes! Kris Kiser on Equip Expo and more.

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We talk with the CEO of OPEI about robots, dogs, comfy shoes and more. Join us for OPE People with Kris Kiser.

From a Dealer, for Dealers

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I visited Stihl USA in Virginia Beach to get a close-up look at the company’s manufacturing facilities, and to try out some new equipment. Plus, I got to speak with Jeremy Krueger, director of business development. For Stihl, that means Jeremy works with Stihl dealers – all 10,000 of them.  

I got connected to Jeremy last fall when he was nominated for, and won, a 2023 OPE+ Movers & Shakers Award. Jeremy’s level of experience, his ability to understand the dealership business, is unique at the manufacturer level. Listen in and you’ll see why he is deserving of such industry honor.

Powerful Connections

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On this OPE People podcast, we’re talking about connections, powerful connections. I spoke with Cheryl Mailloux, from Anderson Power. Anderson designs, engineers and manufactures the connectors that enable battery-powered equipment to work. The company works with equipment manufacturers on … well, I’ll let Cheryl explain it.  

Friends with Data

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First up for our OPE People podcast are two industry veterans who continue to enlighten me with data about power equipment.  

 Eric Voyer is Vice President at TraQline.  

 Dave Johnson handles OEM Solutions, for Ideal Computer Systems and c-Systems Software 

They, and the companies they work with, recently created Dealer +, a new data product focused on helping dealers improve sales through awareness. We’ll talk about why they created Dealer+, and who can benefit from this intel.  

LINKS: Discount Code is: DEALERMAG20 – for 20 percent off a subscription to Dealer+ data plans.