Turf Renovation Equipment

With spring in full swing, the following overview of aerators, dethatchers, overseeders and more will help you with all your turf renovation equipment needs.



Billy Goat Industries Next Gen 25-inch PLUGR aerator

Billy Goat’s Next Gen 25-inch width PLUGR reciprocating aerator offers up to 42,550 square feet of aeration per hour in a single pass, and an estimated 30-plus-percent greater return on investment versus traditional drum units. Variable Aeration Density, a Billy Goat exclusive, lets operators vary hole spacing from 8 to 45 holes per square foot. The unit features self-propelled rear-wheel hydro-drive and front casters for ultimate in-ground turning and best-in-class drive controls for feathering speed with fingertip control. Combined with patent-pending EZ Lift n Drop tine engagement/disengagement for uninterrupted aeration, the aerator is easy to maneuver and smooth to operate. Powered by a 163cc Honda or 203cc Vanguard with Cyclonic Air Filtration extending air filter replacement up to 600 hours.


Earth & Turf Products’ 100SP self-propelled, walking top dresser

Earth & Turf Products, LLC, recommends its 100SP self-propelled, walking top dresser for those jobs that demand capacity where maneuverability is important. The 100SP has a struck-level capacity of 10 cubic feet to permit fewer loads per job. It is powered by a 10.5-hp. Briggs & Stratton engine. A four-wheel stance increases stability on more hilly lawns, and hydrostatic drive makes this top dresser very user friendly. Other beneficial features of the 100SP include turf tires for minimum compaction, easy drive engagement for convenience, and a 35-1/2-inch overall width for narrow access paths. Smooth, even spread is ensured with the use of a 30-inch brush expeller.


Ecolawn Applicator ECO 600T top dresser attachment

The ECO 600T 3-point hitch top dresser attachment is unique in Ecolawn Applicator’s line of broadcast top dressers. Equipped with a category 2, 3-point hitch and a PTO drive, the new generation ECO 600T makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of operation. It has been designed with a hydraulic flow-gate system, for effortless adjustability directly from the driver’s seat. Whether applying compost, sand, soil, or a custom blend; the ECO 600T’s large capacity, rear-delivery hopper (22 cubic feet) broadcasts bulk material in a 180-degree arc (up to 22 feet wide), making top dressing quick, smooth, and effortless.



Exmark 24-inch stand-on aerator

The new Exmark 24-inch stand-on aerator features a compact design that significantly increases productivity and efficiency. Designed to easily fit through 36-inch gates, the machine features an efficient hydro drive system with infinite speed control up to 6.8-mph. The compact design heightens maneuverability, and the simple, ergonomic controls are easy to use. The foot-activated hydraulic tine control frees the operator’s hands to control the machine, making it easy to disengage the tines to perform a zero-turn maneuver. Mass is centralized over the coring tines for maximum core depth consistency, which is electronically adjustable from 0.5 to 5 inches – no tools required. The Smart Controller tracks machine hours and maintenance reminders, and the easy-to-use LCD screen displays depth settings, service reminders and more.


Husqvarna AR25 aerator

The Husqvarna AR25 is a handy and efficient self-propelled hollow tine aerator. Designed with productivity and ease of use in mind, it features Husqvarna’s patented, free-wheeling outer tines that allow the operator to continue aerating while turning without losing speed on tight corners and without damaging the turf. The AR25 also features rear-wheel control, allowing the operator to easily adjust the working depth and other settings for maximum stability on a variety of landscapes. Additionally, it features two 36-pound detachable weights on each side, which allow for improved ground penetration. The weights are also removable, making it easier to lift the machine and to alter the weight balance on slopes and inclines. Featuring a Honda GX120 engine, a welded steel frame construction and a 25-inch aerating width, the Husqvarna AR25 is an efficient, high-performance machine that can withstand the tough conditions and versatile demands of professional landscaping jobs.


Husqvarna DT22 dethatcher

Durable and robust, the Husqvarna DT22 dethatcher features commercial-quality construction with high-specification components, such as its Honda GX-engine and its sealed, self-adjusting bearings that provide reliability and longevity. Powerful and easy to start, its compact design, low weight and foldable handles make it easy to transport, and its versatility make it virtually indispensable for lawn care companies, contractors, rental companies and other professional applications. Truly a robust dethatcher, the DT22 features a convenient reel height adjustment and interchangeable reel assemblies that allow it to be fit with a variety of accessories to meet specific needs. These accessories include three types of cutting equipment, a seed hopper attachment and a collection bag attachment. The DT22 also offers the option to be used as a snow machine.


JRCO tine rake dethatcher

The JRCO tine rake dethatcher transforms lawn mowers into the ultimate spring cleanup tool. Users can attach the tine rake to their mower the first mowing of spring to remove thatch, embedded leaves, and debris. The patented tines on the tine rake will remove refuse from lawns without damaging healthy turfgrass. At the same time, the tool will comb matted grass, delivering a clean, hand-raked appearance. The tine rake is not just for spring. After a hot summer day, it can be used to surface aerate the soil. Aerating the soil promotes root development and makes room for thicker turfgrass to grow. During seeding operations, it can be used to rake in grass seed and accelerate germination of the soil. It can also be used during fall to remove leaves and produce a picture-perfect, clean lawn.


JRCO Hooker aerator

JRCO’s Hooker aerator is designed for lawn care professionals. It saves time and labor with high-production aeration. Aerate 66,000 square feet per hour at 5 mph. Holes are approximately 1/2 inch wide by 1-1/4 inch long and up to 3 inches deep. Tines pierce deep into the soil, hooking and lifting loose plugs of dirt that disperse quickly, spreading nutrients over the surface. No unsightly hard plugs accumulate on the lawn. The lifting action of the tines prevents soil compaction that is common with hollow tine aerators, and allows good filtration of air and water into the lawn. The front-mount aerator attaches to the JRCO mount bar with two clevis pins. A tow-behind aerator is also available, and comes complete with a two-point hitch, rigid frame and swiveling caster wheels.


MTW Power Box Rake

The MTW Power Box Rake from Merrill Specialty Products is ideal for breaking up, raking and leveling, hard-packed soil, gravel, sod and other terrain – effectively and efficiently. MTW’s strong steel frames help commercial operators and do-it-yourselfers refine more material in less time while minimizing downtime due to breakage and repairs. Three models are available for both skid-steer and tractor applications; can be ordered with weld-on teeth, replaceable teeth or carbide teeth; and come standard with solid rubber, airless tires. With sizes ranging from 4 foot to 10 foot, rotors available in 6-inch and 8-inch diameter, and frame construction available from .18 to .375 inches of wall thickness, users are sure to find the unit that meets their needs and fits their application.


Ryan Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerator

The first of its kind from Ryan, the Lawnaire ZTS brings a new level of efficiency and profitability to lawn care professionals. Whether it’s for general turf maintenance or as a part of a full turf renovation project, the Lawnaire ZTS can handle the toughest jobs with excellent performance. It maneuvers easily thanks to its low center of gravity, zero-turn drive, and a top speed of seven miles per hour. The Lawnaire ZTS achieves high-quality aeration with an automatic chain tensioning system. The user is always in control with a precise aeration depth stop and a fast hydraulic tine lift. Aerating can be tough, so comfort is key. With a sturdy, shock-absorbing operator platform and zero-turn maneuverability, the Lawnaire ZTS does the work without taking a toll on the operator’s body. The intuitive controls of the ZTS also make it ideal for the rental market or lawn care professionals, requiring less time and effort to operate.


Ryan Mataway overseeder

The Ryan Mataway overseeder delivers maximum seed germination, helping users get seeding and turf renovation jobs done quickly and effectively. The Mataway overseeder uses curve-shaped discs to place the seeds directly into soil slits for unmatched seed-to-soil contact. Users can also seed at variable rates, so it adjusts to meet the user’s specific needs without wasting time or seed. The overseeding flow rate is easily controlled right from the operator’s station, and the flow stops automatically when the reel is raised, for maximum control and precise operation.


Ryan Ren-O-Thin power rake

The Ryan Ren-O-Thin power rake offers the kind of performance that improves turf health and boosts a landscaper’s bottom line. It’s ideal for dethatching and breaking up aeration cores from spring aeration and renovation projects, but it also works effectively as a seed spreader. This provides more value and helps use up space well on a landscaper’s trailer. The optional, easy-to-install seed box accessory is available with handle-mounted controls to regulate seed flow, making for even, efficient seed spreading. This multi-use machine, built with Ryan quality and durability, is a crucial tool in kick-starting seeding projects this spring.


Stihl KMA 130 R

Part of the AP Series of Stihl battery products, the KMA 130 R KombiMotor gives professionals the ability to trim, prune, edge, clean, cultivate, and more with 13 optional attachments – all without gas or exhaust emissions. The external battery source shifts the battery weight to the user’s back or hips, ensuring a lightweight, comfortable and balanced position, regardless of the attachment being used. Its quiet operation enables this unit the flexibility to be used during extended hours. Instant starts allow quick movement from one task to another, and the variable-speed throttle trigger has three performance levels, allowing the user to select the operation speed that’s best for the job at hand, conserving battery energy and providing maximum runtimes.

Features include:

  • Straight, solid-steel drive shaft with a lifetime limited warranty
  • Multi-function control handle
  • Ergonomic rubberized loop handle
  • Toolless quick-release coupling system
  • Water-resistant design
  • Vertical hanging slot for convenient storage


Toro 24-inch stand-on aerator

Toro recently introduced its all-new 24-inch stand-on aerator. Built for the productivity demands of the busiest landscape contractor, the new model fits through a standard 36-inch gate. Reaching grounds speeds of up to 6.5 mph, the 24-inch stand-on aerator optimizes power and hydraulics to ensure consistent core depths regardless of terrain. The unit features a hydraulic valve to adjust operator weight, and electronic depth control to maximize power to aerate. Once put into action, operators will notice consistent plug depths of up to five inches in length. With an intuitive smart controller, all of the necessary functions are at the operator’s fingertips, including depth control highlighted by a supervisor maximum depth lockout, maintenance reminders and tine activation lock out. To ensure ultimate productivity and versatility, the 24-inch stand-on aerator is compatible with an all-new seed spreader attachment. Now an operator can pull plugs and overseed with precision on a single machine.


TurfEx spreader attachment for zero-turn mowers

TurfEx offers the TS200 spreader as part of its full line of zero-turn mower attachments. Capable of spreading seed, fertilizer and ice melt, the spreader is engineered specifically to maximize mower productivity. The spreader comes with a universal mount, which helps it attach quickly to most available zero-turn mowers. It holds up to 2.5 cubic feet of material, and features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper to reduce weight and maintenance concerns. The spreading operation is controlled via the manual flow gate and electric-powered spinner, both of which can be actuated from the mower’s seat. Additionally, the spinner includes adjustable paddles for fine-tuning the spread pattern. A clear cover comes standard with the spreader to prevent foreign objects from entering the hopper, and allows the operator to easily see material levels from the seat. Like all TurfEx products, the spreader is covered by a two-year limited warranty.


Turf Teq Model 1305PR1 power rake

The Turf Teq Model 1305PR1 power rake features a 13-hp. Honda engine, fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, differential lock and multi-use attachment interchangeability. The power rake is the perfect tool for all types of seedbed preparation and turf renovation. This machine is designed to dig. The 48 carbide teeth are welded onto the drum, allowing the Turf Teq power rake to work in both new seeding and existing turf renovations projects. The 36-inch-wide drum can be angled left or right from the operator position. The ability to adjust the depth, angle and speed allow the Turf Teq power rake to do the job in any conditions.



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