Equipment and Technology Focus: Topdressers

Earth & Turf top dresser

The following is our Equipment and Technology Focus on topdressers:

Earth & Turf MultiSpread Model 320

The Earth & Turf product line includes its MultiSpread Model 320, a 1-cubic-yard topdresser spreader (pictured above) with exclusive, wide-spread beater for lawn maintenance professionals, schools, universities, golf courses and athletic fields. This versatile machine spreads topdressing materials, infield mix, calcined clay, and grass clippings. With a convenient light-material sides option, available for dealer or customer installation, this topdresser virtually doubles its capacity – especially great for spreading light compost to improve turf quality. Overall height with light-material sides, plus narrow overall width, allows operators to reach in easily from either side when loading. Maximum load capacity using the light material sides is 3,600 pounds. Two-wheel ground traction drive is standard. Hydraulic drive is available as an option, offering benefits for owners of tow vehicles with remote hydraulic valve and minimum of 6-gpm flow. With hydraulic drive, apron and beater speeds are independent of ground speed – each infinitely and independently adjustable.

GKB topdresser from STEC

GKB Topdrop

The GKB Topdrop is the ideal machine for the application of topdressing. The brush dresser can distribute all kinds of loose material such as sand, compost and rubber on fields. The brush is hydraulically driven and is easily adjustable in speed. This speed control and adjustment of the mechanical metering valve ensure that the layer thickness can be determined precisely. The machine can be used anywhere thanks to the four oversized turf tires and pendeling axels. The oversized tires ensure minimum ground pressure, keeping compaction to a minimum. Call STEC at 888-325-2532 to find out how this machine can become your new “Best Hire!”

John Deere TD100

John Deere TD100 topdresser

Designed for the John Deere ProGator heavy-duty utility vehicles, the TD100 topdresser is ideal for use on athletic fields and other areas where an efficient means of topdressing is needed. The hopper on the TD100 topdresser has a capacity of 12 cubic feet level-full or 19 cubic feet heaped, a rated capacity of 1,500 pounds, and is made of galvanized steel to reduce corrosion and supported by steel-members to increase strength. The fixed-speed, nylon/polyester cord, endless conveyor belt on the TD100 efficiently moves material under the metering gate and through a rotating brush for even distribution. The full-width metering gate opening can be adjusted from 0 to 3 inches, with a two-lever system allowing the operator to adjust the gate height and lock the gate into position.

Toro ProPass 200 topdresser

The Toro ProPass 200 broadcast-style topdresser offers a variety of cost-saving features including the unique four-wheel walking beam suspension that allows all four wheels to stay in contact with the ground regardless of terrain. The drop zone system ensures an even application, and the smooth belt eliminates load shifting to prevent material from escaping. Additionally, the 21-cubic-foot hopper capacity level ensures high productivity and the capacity to finish a job with minimal stops. Available in vehicle-mounted and towable models, the ProPass is a highly versatile and productive topdresser.

Turfco Mete-R-Matic IV

Turfco topdressers

Turfco’s battle-tested topdressers make life easier and more productive. Handle all of your topdressing jobs, from routine turf maintenance to renovating an entire playing field, with the Turfco Mete-R-Matic IV topdresser. It provides the proven spread of all Turfco topdressers, with the added efficiency of a one-cubic-meter galvanized steel hopper. The patented Chevron belt assures uniform application of all types of wet or dry materials including sand, compost, peat and humus, grass seed, crumb rubber, gypsum, lime and clays. The hopper can be filled with a front-end loader. Spread application is always uniform and consistent due to the patented ground-driven operating system. The spreader rides on six tires, so it easily adjusts to changing turf conditions. The spread rate is easily adjusted. Top speed is 8 mph at load, 16 mph unloaded. Just hook the Mete-R-Matic IV up to a truck utility tractor and go – no engine, no hydraulics.

TurfTime Equipment topdressers

TurfTime topdressers

TurfTime Equipment has six topdresser models to choose from ranging from .75-cubic-yard to 7.5-cubic-yard capacity. Material handler and utility vehicle mount options available. Choose the size that is the best fit for your business or complex. The long hopper of the Advantage topdresser allows faster loading without spilling. Select the right topdressing spreader for speed and maneuverability to spread compost, apply soil amendments and topdress with sand. The TurfTime Equipment topdresser is an Adantage; use it anywhere – golf course, sports field, clay court or arena, horse track, polo field, open spaces and naturalized areas. TurfTime Equipment offers topdressers/material handlers to fill bunkers, sand-dress greens, apply compost and bio fertilizers, repair washouts, apply mulch to control erosion, level low spots, maintain paths and even grass runways and airstrips.

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