Best Cities for Landscapers

Best Cities for Landscapers

The team at K. van Bourgondien wanted find the cities across America where work conditions are the best for landscape workers, focusing on factors such as pay, climate, demand and more.

To perform their full analysis, they pulled data on seven different factors including cost of living and quality of life, factors relating to landscaper pay and job availability, as well as weather and climate data. They collected this information for 50 of America’s biggest cities, then weighted each factor and compared the results in each city against every other locale in our evaluation, giving each city a final score on a 0-100 scale.

Overall results indicate that life is good for landscape workers on the west coast. Each of the top four cities in the ranking are located in California, with higher salaries and predictable, moderate climates boosting the scores for those cities despite cost of living scores that drag some of them down. Rounding out the top five is Seattle, a city that earned high enough scores relating to job competition and the lack of extreme temperatures to overcome low scores relating to precipitation, one of the city’s hallmarks.

While many of the top 20 cities are located in warmer parts of the country, Seattle is joined by Portland, Ore., and Boston as cities located in parts of the country that regularly experience cooler temperatures that landed in the top 20. Decent salaries and limited job competition are among the biggest factors pushing all three into the top 20.

Speaking of salaries, the researchers know that pay is among the most important factors for many when choosing any job or career. For that reason, we wanted to focus on that single factor in our analysis here and map out the 20 cities that pay landscape workers the best.

A number of cities already highlighted show up near the top of this list, including Seattle, Portland, and Boston. California, similarly, earns a second shout out here, with San Francisco jumping from third in the overall rankings to first overall in terms of annual salary, edging out San Jose by less than $300.

It is also worth noting that cold weather cities appear on this list with much more frequency, and it is hard to argue against the idea that landscape workers in places such as Minneapolis, Hartford, and Milwaukee deserve a little extra for working outdoors in places with winters that can be both long and harsh.

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