Equipment and Technology Focus: Battery and Robotics

Milwaukee Tool M18

The following is an overview of battery-powered equipment and robotic equipment for landscape applications.

Echo Robotics TM-2000 autonomous mower

Echo Robotics’ TM-2000 can handle up to five acres of turfgrass efficiently and quietly while also finely mulching clippings to promote turf health. Since the unit can be remotely commanded while monitoring performance via a web platform and mobile app, sports field managers can put their time and labor toward issues that actually require their direct attention. It can also be scheduled to operate around field usage and watering cycles.

Graze autonomous electric commercial mower

Graze introduced its new lawn mower model. The evolution of the first Graze fully autonomous, electric lawn mower expands the design to increase efficiency and maintenance speed for mid-sized to large commercial lawns, enhances cutting blades to perfect trim precision, adds new sensor capabilities to increase safety, improves GPS-based mapping and computer vision, while optimizing intelligent and applicable insights through advanced machine learning capabilities. The new model will expand the design with new optimized features and incorporate in-the-field feedback from industry leaders to bring a sustainable solution to the commercial market.

GroundWOW full-color autonomous ground printer

GroundWOW was developed with a founding mission to make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper. GroundWOW Special FX can print any logo, any color, any size, on any surface. Deployable in less than 10 minutes, autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, and an end-to-end Cloud SAAS (Software As A Service) platform combine to create ground-printed images as accurate as a blade of grass. GroundWOW customers have the power of full-color autonomous AI printing at their disposal for sports sponsorship and advertising applications.

Husqvarna battery chain saws

The new Husqvarna T540i XP and 540i XP battery-powered chain saws feature a new, ground-up design and are developed specifically with professional users in mind. Used with the newly released Husqvarna BLi200X (T540i XP) or Husqvarna BLi300 (540I XP) batteries, the new chain saws have capabilities equivalent to professional 40cc gas chain saws, making them ideal for tree removals and smaller felling tasks. With the completely redesigned, optimized system, power has been increased by more than 30 percent compared to previous Husqvarna battery chain saws, opening up for applications that have been exclusive to petrol chain saws until now.

Mean Green Mowers Vanquish

Mean Green Mowers’ new Vanquish lithium-powered electric mower brings stand-on mowing to the Evolution Series of commercial mowers. Available with a 52- or 60-inch cut (side/rear discharge), the Vanquish runs for up to seven hours continuously at speeds of up to 11.5 mph. It features Mean Green’s patented ZTR technologies that make it competitive with any gas mower in its class. The Vanquish is virtually maintenance free and boasts ultra quiet operation.

Milwaukee Tool M18 brushless string trimmer

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 brushless string trimmer delivers more clearing power and a larger cutting swath than competitive battery-powered trimmer solutions. For maximum productivity, the new trimmer provides up to 6,200 rpm and features a brushless motor built specifically for trimming applications. For versatility, the trimmer has two speeds – a high speed to take on demanding applications and a low speed to maximize runtime. A 16-inch cutting swath trims more grass in a single pass and an easy-load trimmer head delivers an easy line loading experience with the ability to load up to 25 feet of trimmer line in under 30 seconds. This M18 brushless string trimmer is part of the M18 System, now offering more than 200 power tool solutions.

Stihl battery-powered professional trimmers

Part of the new Stihl 135 professional battery platform, the FSA 135 and FSA 135 R battery-powered trimmers are assembled in America. The trimmers feature an on-board battery slot that can support an on-board battery or a backpack battery for even longer runtimes. Paired with a brushless motor and the same drive and cutting components used in Stihl professional gas trimmers, these units deliver professional cutting performance comparable to Stihl gas units with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. These trimmers are versatile for different cutting applications, including trimming, cutting and weed clearing.

SWOZI robotic sports field line markers

SWOZI offers two robotic sports field line marking solutions; the SWOZI Cart Pro, a precision-guided walk-behind or ride-on line marker with GPS robotic arm, and the SWOZI Cart Auto, a fully self-guided autonomous line marking robot. Both units utilize SWOZI’s patent-pending technology to achieve centimeter sports field line marking accuracy. SWOZI sports field line markers allow the user to autonomously lay out and paint athletic fields with centimeter accuracy in 20 minutes. SWOZI offers more than 100 pre-loaded and customizable sports field templates.

Turf Tank One

The Turf Tank One field painting robot features autonomous design that enables turf managers to save time and be more efficient in completing other tasks, all while the robot marks the fields. It is controlled with a smart tablet, which requires just two minutes for setup. After a route plan is launched, the robot will drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. Due to advanced GPS technology, the robot draws precise lines every time. It memorizes all locations from the initial marking, making overmarking 100% accurate. The robot can perform precise line marking on both natural grass and artificial surfaces, for all types of athletic fields, with the option to customize the size according to the user’s needs. Equipped with a low-pressure paint pump and nozzle system, Turf Tank One can reduce paint consumption up to 50%, while completing a field seven times faster than traditional line marking methods. 

TinyLineMarker Sport

The TinyLineMarker Sport is the ideal line marker for small to medium sports clubs and teams with few sports types. With its low weight and simple operation, this model is an easy-going companion in your working day, helping you to deliver excellent quality with less manual work.

The 5-liter paint container is sufficient for a full 11v11 soccer field, which takes only 20 minutes for the robot to complete. Valuable time you can use for other jobs. The robot is easy to transport and operate so that a single person can manage all line marking and complete other tasks while the robot is working.

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