Equipment Focus: Dethatchers and Verticutters

The following is our editorial round-up on dethatchers and verticutters.

Billy Goat Power Rake / Dethatcher

The Billy Goat PR550 and PR551 Power Rake / Dethatcher efficiently remove matted thatch from turf in 20-inch passes, and its rugged design withstands the most demanding use. A 5.5 gross hp. Honda or Vanguard engine is coupled to a free-swinging heat-treated tempered flail blade reel that is mounted to construction-grade cast-iron pillow block bearings with grease zerks. Steel guards protect bearings and pulleys. The unit converts to an overseeder or vertislicer with optional accessories.

John Deere QA5 and QA7 verticutters

The John Deere QA5 and QA7 verticutters deliver an efficient, consistent verticutting depth. The QA5 features five-inch verticutter blades on a ¾-inch standard spacing with standard carbide tips for excellent wear, while QA7 is equipped with seven-inch blades on a standard 1-1/8-inch spacing. Both models feature a depth system that is truly easy to adjust. The patented Speed Link system ties both ends of the rear roller together with a spring-loaded rod and worm gears, meaning adjustments can be performed from either end of the rear roller, automatically adjusting the other side at the same time. A simple front roller design allows for paralleling the front roller to the blades for optimal performance. Optional front and rear roller scrapers keep depth consistent, which is important for slicing rhizomes and stolons, promoting new growth, and opening up the canopy to incorporate topdressing.

Redexim Verti-Cut Series

“The Verti-Cut Series from Redexim are some of the most productive verticutters on the market. Offered in 80-, 64- and 51-inch versions; the larger units can verticut more than 107,000 ft²/h, 86,000ft²/h, respectively. Blade spacing is standard at 1.18-inch with spacing kits available and the working depth is easily adjustable down to 2 inches. The 51-inch model is sized to be used on smaller tractors and even the Redexim Carrier walk-behind multi-function implement carrier.

Ryan Mataway dethatcher

The Ryan Mataway dethatcher is built for heavy-duty, professional turf renovation and dethatching. This self-propelled machine offers user-friendly features like cutting depth control right from the operator’s station, removing those layers of dead grass, roots and debris matted between the soil and the growing grass, keeping the grass greener and healthier while minimizing the chance of disease. 

Its five different reel types, which suit a wide range of applications, are easily interchangeable without any tools. For optimal efficiency, a 19-inch working width allows users to cover up to 18,700 square feet per hour. Also, moving from job to job is easier with the independent engine and reel drives. Operators can also adjust the durable cutting blades down to a depth of 1-½ inches. Powered by a durable Honda engine, the Mataway dethatcher delivers excellent performance with minimal noise and vibration.

Smithco Big Vac V-72 PTO sweeper vac/verticutter

The Smithco Big Vac V-72 combination sweeper-verticutter is an effective turfgrass and debris-management tool that verticuts and sweeps in a single pass. The Big Vac is powered by a minimum 35-hp. tractor PTO, covers a 72-inch width with 72 hardened flail blades and holds 7 yards of material. When loaded, a hydraulic dump system unloads the debris to the ground out of a tapered hopper. All controls (lift/lower head, engage sweeper reel, engage verticut reel and hydraulic dump) are located directly behind the operator’s seat. The Big Vac has a 34-inch, 8-blade oversized impeller to easily collect heavy clippings and other debris. Extra large 26.5 X 1400 X 12 Fairway turf tires minimize marking. In addition, a standard sweeper head is available. Remote grease zerks for impeller pillow blocks, impeller housing inspection/clean-out door and large hydraulic reservoir aids in maintenance and reliability.

Toro Bullseye NuSurface 470/790 Fraise Mowers

The Toro Bullseye NuSurface 470 and 790 are used to fraise mow, flail mow, level, dethatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as harvest sprigs. These products are ideal for use on golf courses and sports fields, and are quickly becoming the go-to grass removal tool for fast and efficient resurfacing projects. Its rotary action removes material and transfers it onto a conveyor system for disposal, leaving behind a smooth surface, immediately ready for sod or seeding. These machines are highly productive and can be adjusted in small increments for the desired level of aggressiveness. The standard blade set on the Bullseye NuSurface 470 and 790 turf renovation tools allows customers to fraise or flail mow and clean up the debris, all in a single-pass operation. A single-pass verticut and cleanup can also be performed following a simple blade change.

Wood Bay Turf Technologies

Wood Bay manufacturers dethatching verticut for The Toro corporation and many other corporations such as R &R Products, JRM Products, Wiedenmann, and numerous other aeration firms. Wood Bay also introduced dethatching equipment for synthetic and natural turf for the NFL, universities such Texas A&M, Rutgers, Purdue, U of California, Kentucky, Indiana, and numerous others. Golf courses across the country use Wood Bay Technologies products like the fds 9200/6000. The fds series of dethatching equipment simplifies the maintenance of turf surfaces and conditions including hilly fairways and rough areas. Ensures immediate results for an attractive healthy stand of cool and warm grasses throughout the playing season.

Z Turf Equipment Z-Seed

The Z-Seed from Z Turf Equipment performs three jobs – verticutting, dethatching and overseeding – with each pass. The 20-inch width strikes the right balance of size and productivity. Durable high-carbon steel blades remove thatch and provide maximum seed-to-soil contact for superior seed germination. A large-capacity 40-pound seed hopper makes quick work of big jobs with fewer fill-ups. The large-diameter mixer uses ground speed to regulate seed flow, ensuring even seed delivery in all conditions. Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with powered reverse makes the Z-Seed as easy to operate as a self-propelled mower. 

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