GIE+EXPO Post-show Recap

Photo by John Kmitta

The 2021 GIE+EXPO was held October 20-22 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. The industry’s largest event showcased outdoor power equipment on the trade show floor and in the 20-plus-acre outdoor demonstration area. Some of the new product highlights from this year’s event are as follows:


144-inch Lazer Z Diesel

Exmark unveiled its largest, most powerful commercial zero-turn mower – the 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel, which is capable of cutting up to 11.5 acres per hour.

“Whether they’re looking to make more money, or simply finish mowing faster, our customers are always looking for ways to empower each worker to do more,” said Lenny Mangnall, Exmark product manager. “The new 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel is built to give these users the speed and capacity to finish jobs quicker, with less effort than ever before.”

The new Lazer Z Diesel features a 144-inch UltraCut rear-discharge flex wing cutting deck, which pairs a 48-inch center deck with two 48-inch wing decks. Capable of articulating 20 degrees up and 15 degrees down, the floating wing decks minimize scalping while enabling maximum productivity when mowing in uneven conditions. The deck uses six matching blades and a rear-discharge design to deliver maximum productivity and an unmatched finished cut quality.

To ease transport, both wing decks fold hydraulically to ease loading and unloading, and reduce required trailering space. This enables the 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel to fit on industry-standard trailers that are designed for 72-inch machines.

Powering the 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel is a 43.5-horsepower Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine.

The Lazer Z Diesel is also available in 60-, 72- and 96-inch models. Each includes Exmark’s industry-leading 5-year/1,500-hour warranty, with no hour limitations in the first two years.

Vertex S-Series

Exmark also introduced its next generation of stand-on zero-turn mowers –– the Vertex S-Series. An all-new model, the Vertex S-Series gives landscape maintenance professionals a highly productive, versatile, and easy to use mower they can rely on to perform every day.

“Versatility, maneuverability and ease of use are a few of the key reasons more landscape pros are choosing stand-on mowers,” said Jamie Briggs, Exmark director of marketing. “The Vertex S-Series delivers in each of these areas. Every detail was considered, researched and exhaustively tested to deliver the performance our customers expect from an Exmark mower.”


Vertex S-Series models feature Exmark’s UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks in a choice of 48-, 52-, or 60-inch cut widths. Constructed of formed and welded high-strength steel, the UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks feature flow control baffles to optimize air and clipping flow through the deck. A single-point deck lift enables easy, tools-free changes to cut height. The rod-style floating deck offers easy rake adjustment, with anti-scalp rollers for a consistently superior cut quality on any turf type. And the available Micro Mulch system further enhances the versatility of the UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck.

2022 Vertex S-Series models are available with a choice of carbureted Kawasaki FX730V, or fuel-saving EFI Kohler Command Pro ECV740 commercial engines. Exmark’s proven hydro drive system delivers infinitely variable ground speeds of up to 8.5mph

2022 Radius X-Series zero-turn mower

Exmark also unveiled its updated 2022 Radius X-Series zero-turn riding mower, featuring a 31-hp. Kawasaki twin-cylinder engine, making it the most powerful Radius model Exmark has produced.

This Radius is equipped with a 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck, which features a high-capacity 5.5-inch deep, side-discharge design. The UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck features Exmark’s exclusive Flow Control baffles. Patented Lazer Z-style deck strut isolation technology eliminates sway, eases deck height adjustment, and increases operator comfort by reducing vibration that reaches the operator.

The Kawasaki FX921V engine features an overhead V-valve design with three valves per cylinder, with pressurized lubrication and a high-efficiency oil cooler. The engine was designed for use on commercial zero-turn mowers, with a metal engine cover with integrated clean-out ports, heavy-duty shift-type starter and multi-stage canister style air filter.

Echo kicks off 50th anniversary celebration

During the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Echo Incorporated held a party to kick off a yearlong celebration that will honor the company’s 50th anniversary. Established on November 16, 1972 in North America, Echo is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade, high performance outdoor power equipment for commercial and homeowner use.

During the celebration, Wayne Thomsen, VP of marketing and product management, Echo Inc., unveiled a Limited-Edition Echo PB-580T backpack blower, designed with an all-black engine shrouding and commemorative gold trim. The limited-edition units will not be available at retail level; instead, Echo will be awarding 250 units through October 2022 by means of social media contests and other sweepstakes.

“For fifty years, Echo has provided a tremendous amount of innovation to the outdoor power equipment industry. We’re very proud of the legacy we’ve created, and we have every intention to carry that forward for another 50 years and beyond,” said Tim Dorsey, president and CEO, Echo Incorporated.

Timeline of ECHO innovation:

• 1972: Echo Incorporated was established in North America

• 1975: World’s first backpack blower PB-9

• 1977: Manufactured engine for world’s first string trimmer

• 1978: World’s first handheld blower PB-200

• 1990: World’s first stick edger PE-200

• 1992: World’s first Shred ‘N’ Vac® ES-1000

• 1995: World’s first shafted hedge clipper HCA-2400

• 1996: World’s first low noise backpack blower PB-46LN

• 2008: World’s first bed redefiner BRD-280

• 2017: Lightest top-handle gas-powered chainsaw in North America CS-2511T

• 2020: World’s most powerful backpack blower PB-9010

• 2021: World’s lightest rear handle chainsaw CS-2511P


MTD debuted a new line of Dewalt professional gas outdoor power equipment at GIE+EXPO for the first time since launching the brand’s partnership in December 2019. The line includes walk-behind and hydro-walk mowers, stand-on mowers, and zero-turn riding mowers.

  • Z260 professional zero-turn mower – This 60-inch mower is built to tackle four to 10 acres, and the 24-hp. Kawasaki engine offers premium performance with optimal efficiency. The line’s most powerful transmission delivers up to 500 ft./lb. of output torque. (The mower is also available in a 54-inch model, the Z254.)
  • X554 professional stand-on mower – Stand-on functionality with a large platform enables quick on-and-off action to remove mowing obstructions without much job interruption. The frame is matched with a premium pump and wheel motor transmission for heavy-duty use. (The mower is also available in a 48-inch model, the X548.)
  • HW48 48-inch professional hydro-walk mower – This mower is built with a 15-hp. Kawasaki FS engine, heavy-duty construction and thicker essential frame components. Single-lever, infinite-speed control delivers quick, on-the-fly speed adjustments, and contoured controls reduce fatigue and dampen vibration.
  • X536 professional stand-on mower (available spring 2022) – This mower offers stand-on functionality with a new 36-inch cutting deck for additional maneuverability. For all-day comfort, the large hip pad adjusts and matches the operator’s height.
  • Z160 professional zero-turn mower – A durable 1.5- x 3-inch tubular steel frame provides maximum strength and rigidity with easy access points for routine maintenance. The state-of-the-art wheel and caster design provides a more professional cut, optimizes trim capabilities, and maintains a smooth ride at higher speeds. (The mower is also available in a 48-inch model, the Z148.)


Belgard shared its newest outdoor design program, Belgard Rooms, at Hardscape North America. Belgard Rooms launched earlier this year, delivering templated outdoor design plans for contractors and consumers alike. The interactive experience allows homeowners and contractors to effortlessly pair the style of their home with hardscaping products that match and complement the exterior of the home.

“Belgard Rooms offers a new approach to outdoor living, focusing on templated designs and how shape, color, and texture work together, to make the design process easier,” said Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes, Belgard. “Simplicity and efficiency are the drivers behind Belgard Rooms. Once a client has narrowed down their Rooms selections, not only will the contractor understand their style and budget better, but the contractor can choose to flip that content to our Belgard Design Studio to have a semi-custom plan made tailored to that content.”

Belgard envisions modular design as the next iteration of hardscape product design. This approach makes it easier for contractors to mix, match and install Belgard’s products together, delivering precisely what the client is looking for, without adding labor or costs.

The Belgard booth featured five distinct Rooms – an outdoor garden room, dining room, kitchen and two living room layouts – showcasing the individuality of each space and how they come together to create a cohesive outdoor living plan.


Stihl Inc. introduced a range of battery-powered solutions during GIE+EXPO.

AP 500 S

“This new battery impresses not only with its high-energy density and comparatively low weight, but also expected longevity,” said Murray Bishop, Stihl director of sales. “When properly cared for, the AP 500 S can accept up to twice as many charging cycles as compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.”

AL 301-4 multi charger

“This charger can sequentially charge up to four Stihl AP or AR batteries – either in your workshop or on the road. It can quickly charge four AP 300 S batteries in just under 5 hours,” said Bishop. “Because we know that landscapers need recharging options to fit their operations, we’re showcasing an entire multi-tier charging infrastructure around the AL 301-4.”

Charging cabinet

“Our new charging cabinet houses three AL 301-4 chargers allows landscapers to charge up to 12 batteries on a single 110-volt outlet,” said Bishop. “Additionally, the charging cabinet is built with modularity in mind. Depending on the application, it can be configured to fit in the bed of a truck, mounted to a flatbed truck, or open in a trailer. It’s weatherproof, and features cooling fans to keep batteries in the specified temperature ranges.”

AP 300 battery system

“The Stihl AP 300 battery system delivers professional gas-comparable performance with all the benefit of batteries, and we’re expanding it with a new trimmer, sprayer, and chain saw,” said Bishop.

  • FSA 86 R – Lightweight, battery-powered, mid-range trimmer designed for professionals. Its variable-speed trigger optimizes performance and run time, and supports multiple mowing heads. With a virtually maintenance-free brushless motor, 13.8” cutting swath and variable-speed 7,200 rpm delivers a smooth, clean cut. Low noise, as a battery tool, extends your working hours.
  • SGA 85 – For pros using sprayers for pest control, cleaning and restoration, cleaning, lawn and garden applications, construction, and greenhouses, this is the first battery-powered sprayer in the Stihl lineup. It features strong Viton seals for durability and reliability, an easy-to-use diaphragm-style pump, and a leak-resistant design. It also has a variable-speed trigger, provides high working pressures from 14.5 to 87 psi.
  • MSA 300 C-O – “This is the most powerful battery-powered chain saw in the market,” said Bishop. The MSA300 is ideal for noise-sensitive environments. If features ergonomics, an anti-vibration system, excellent balance, durability, and a weather-resistant design.

Hustler Turf

Hustler Turf showcased three brand new products: the Zevo, the Surfer Pro and the Super SF stand-on.


Hustler Turf’s newest all-electric unit is the Zevo, which boasts a fabricated 42-inch deck with a similar construction as the Dash XD. This compact sit-down mower is targeted for single-yard use; it has two speeds – 5 miles per hour for the trim/learning mode and 7 miles per hour for regular mowing. The Zevo can mow up to 1.5 hours depending on terrain and grass conditions; when properly maintained, the batteries should last its user up to five years.

Surfer Pro

The Surfer Pro stand-on mower was specifically designed to appeal to both landscape contractors and homeowners. With its compact footprint and 34- or 48-inch deck options, it is a great trim and tight-area mower with the ability to easily fit through fence gates. In addition, it takes up minimal space on a trailer and less storage space in a garage or shed. The 18-inch rear drive tires offer a smooth mowing experience for any operator. The Surfer Pro is backed by a two-year, 300-hour warranty for contractors and a three-year, 300-hour warranty for homeowners.

Super SF

The Super SF stand-on mower is an all-day machine. It is the biggest, fastest and strongest model in the family of stand-up units offered by Hustler. The Super SF is equipped with Hustler’s newest deck – the VX – in 60 or 72 inches, and holds nearly 14 gallons of fuel, allowing the operator to spend more time mowing and less time fueling.

“This is the top of the category for us in terms of a stand-on mower,” said Brad Unruh, director of new product development at Hustler Turf. “We have two engine options – a Kawasaki EFI 38.5 hp. and we are also going to offer the new 40-hp. Vanguard with the OilGuard system. This is a heavy-duty stand-on built for all-day mowing.”


The Ferris 500S zero-turn mower is designed to fill a need for those landscape professionals looking for a feature-packed zero-turn that not only delivers efficiency and performance, but does so at a great value.

“Productivity is the name of the game for commercial landscapers, and every Ferris unit is built with that in mind, including the new 500S,” said Kody Van Sistine, Ferris brand manager. “The patented Ferris suspension, the Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series engine, and even the extras like the LED headlight and premium mid-back seat all contribute to productivity.”

The 500S comes equipped with the Ferris exclusive pivoting front axle and coil-over shocks on each wheel so that uneven terrain is no problem for the operator or the unit, which can reach ground speeds of up to eight miles per hour without sacrificing the cut quality. The unit will be available in 48-, 52-, and 61-inch mowing deck configurations with Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series or Kawasaki®- engines.

Other features of the 500S include:

  • A fabricated 10-gauge steel mowing deck.
  • Dual commercial transaxles with 7-inch cooling fans to repel debris and provide consistent power.
  • 22-inch rear-drive tires and large front casters.
  • A foot-operated deck lift that quickly changes cut height in 1⁄4-inch increments with an adjustable pedal.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. (OTR) launched the NDX airless tire and wheel system for turf equipment and utility vehicles. NDX is designed to minimize loss of productivity and revenue for fleets and owner-operators, while increasing ride quality.

“Our history of tire and wheel innovations, advanced construction and relationships with end users have been fully leveraged in this product development,” said Fred Taylor, founder and chairman of the OTR Board. “The result is a system that looks and behaves like a pneumatic tire, except it never goes flat, thus eliminating costly downtime and repairs. NDX is tough and durable, as well as competitively priced, to deliver exceptional value and a safe, comfortable ride.”

Featuring a patent-pending design, NDX combines multi-layered construction, engineered structural supports and a tread belt that maintains desired curvature and safe ground clearance at all times.

Additionally, NDX uses premium rubber compounds and a deflection management system that optimizes energy absorption and load distribution. Other benefits of this system include less jarring and bouncing as well as reduced operator fatigue.

“With our tire, you have the ability to put air pressure into it. If you want 20 pounds of pressure…30, 40,” said Taylor. “With the way we have designed it, this tire flexes in the center. That is where your ride activity takes place.”

Sold as an assembly (tire plus wheel), the NDX system is available for more than 50 turf equipment products and 10 utility vehicle fitments supporting popular OEM models. OTR is also introducing NDX-style smooth type front tires with turf-friendly patterns.

Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks Commercial announced plans for a new manufacturing, research and development, product testing, and customer experience center in Morristown, Tenn. The $20 million initial investment will create hundreds of new jobs for the area beginning next year.

The Greenworks Commercial Center of Excellence will include a 181,000-square-foot manufacturing facility producing commercial ride-on vehicles and mowers and technologically advanced commercial-grade batteries. The campus will also include a 20,000-square-foot customer experience center located on 30 acres of green space, which will be utilized for dealer training and events as well as product development and testing.

“Greenworks is proud to have led battery-powered innovation for years, and this new facility will allow us to continue to lead the industry in creating the best, most durable and most eco-friendly commercial power equipment in the world,” said Tony Marchese, Greenworks Commercial vice president of sales and operations. “We’re excited to make this investment in U.S. manufacturing, ushering Greenworks Commercial into a new era.”

The Greenworks Commercial factory is expected to open in early spring of 2022 and is set to welcome more than 200 new employees.

Greenworks also showcased a wide range of products at GIE+EXPO:

  • New 82-volt string trimmers utilize a direct drive, commercial-grade brushless motor that produces up to 2.0 kW of maximum power. They also have high and low speed settings for more power or longer runtime, lightweight rear housings, responsive variable speed triggers and over-molded front handles with large gripping areas for maximum comfort during use and when edging. This new line of string trimmers includes models 82ST15, 82ST20 and 82TB20.
  • Greenworks’ new commercial stick edger, 82ES15 features a high-strength magnesium guard and housing for maximum durability and a runtime of up to 120 minutes.
  • Greenworks’ new hedge trimmers come in a variety of short-pole fixed (82PH30F), mid-pole fixed (82PH40F), mid-pole articulating (82PH53A) and long-pole articulating (82PH62T) options. All come with a 50-50 tip-to-motor weight balance, a reduced effort two-step trigger system and 24-inch dual action laser cut steel blades.
  • The commercial brushless pressure washer offers 2500 PSI performance with a brushless motor that automatically adjusts RPM to maximize flow, no matter the nozzle selected. This PW-2500C model pressure washer includes a seven-piece brass quick connect kit, 25-foot steel braided rubber hose and 10-inch never flat semi-pneumatic tires for easy transport.
  • The new 24-inch dual-stage snow blower (82SN24D) can discharge snow up to 50 feet with 200 degrees of rotation, clearing the space of a 36-car driveway. Easy to operate with three forward drive speeds and reverse, the snow blower features a zero-turn system. Included with the snow blower are bright LED lights for morning or evening work, 3-in-1 cleanout tool and drift cutters.
  • The model 82EA8 earth auger —boating a 35-inch height and 8-inch width — features a 7/8-inch shaft diameter and LED lights to illuminate digging area.
  • Three new 82-volt zero turn mowers include two ride-on sizes — 60 inch (model CZ60R) and 52 inch (model CZ52R) and a 48-inch stand-on zero turn mower (CZ48S). All three mowers come with 16 kWh battery power that can cut up 14 acres in one charge.
  • Greenworks Commercial also introduced a commercial-grade robotic mower, optimow. The optimow mower is equipped with 4G cellular connectivity and fully integrated GPS tracking, allowing operators to view its real-time location and operate from anywhere. Optimow robotic mowers can be customized for everything from scheduling to cut height and can operate on lawns with up to a 35% grade slope. The commercial-grade optimow mowers include four models: optimow 33, optimow 33H, optimow 66 and optimow 66H.
  • Three new UTVs offer a range of versatility and power. The CU800 model features a 13.8 kWh battery — an 800cc equivalent vehicle that can go up to 75 miles on a single charge and boasts a 550-pound cargo hauling capacity and 1,500-pound towing capacity. The CU500, a 500cc equivalent vehicle with an 8 kWh battery, has a cargo capacity of 330 pounds, a towing capacity of 1,250 pounds and can go up to 40 miles on one charge. Top speed is 27 MPH, and ground clearance is 9.7 inches. The CU400W commercial work vehicle features a 5kW power motor that can travel up to 65 miles on one charge. This vehicle has a 550-pound cargo capacity and 500-pound towing capacity.
  • The model 82BA26 backpack blower features a toggle turbo button that allows users to lock in turbo mode without having to hold the button down. With a runtime of up to 65 minutes and an air speed of 194 mph, this commercial blower can tackle any job. The model 82BH22 handheld blower pushes air at 140 mph and has a maximum runtime of 65 minutes.
  • A 21-inch push mower (82LM21), a 21-inch self-propelled mower (82SLM21S) and a 25-inch self-propelled mower (82LM25S) all feature commercial-grade motors, wheels and bearings.
  • New 82-volt chainsaw options offer three levels of powerful performance — 18-inch versions in both 2.4 kW and 2.7 kW and a 20-inch model offering 3.4 kW of power.
  • The 82PS10 10-inch pole saw and the 82PS10T 10-inch telescoping pole saw utilize a direct drive, commercial-grade brushless motor.
  • Greenworks’ new commercial 12-inch power cutter, 82PC12, can handle heavy-duty cutting of materials like concrete, masonry or pipes up to 110 mm thick.
  • A six-port portable rapid charger offers the utmost in charging convenience. Rapidly charge six batteries at once to keep your team powered throughout the day.
  • For smaller needs, the new dual port super charger quickly charges two batteries at once in only 30-60 minutes, depending on battery size.


AriensCo introduced a wide range of lawnmowers and snowblowers that feature the latest enhancements in power, durability, comfort and personality.

“AriensCo is a true partner to both commercial and residential equipment users and their unique needs. We are putting our design, research and engineering into the sectors of the market that are growing,” said Dan Ariens, chairman and CEO of AriensCo.


On the Ariens side, the Mammoth 850 is a ride-on multi-attachment vehicle that is designed for applications that require substantial snow and ice removal operations, including for city use, municipalities, universities and commercial landscaping.

“With a powerful engine and four-wheel drive steering, operators are able to cover sizeable surface areas much more easily and efficiently than pushing a vehicle. And with several attachments available that utilize our electric quick-connect system, the Mammoth 850 is an incredibly versatile vehicle that can handle a wide array of tasks,” said Stephen Ariens, director of product management, snow, at AriensCo. “Snowfall can vary, so that is where you can put on the snowplow, the blower or the brush.”

New Ariens special edition snow blowers also made their debut at the tradeshow, and will only be available at Ariens dealerships. These four new snow blowers to target a niche in the high-end residential market. Based on the popular Ariens Professional snow blower range, the Kraken Edition, Professional Mountaineering Edition, Professional Alpine Edition and Platinum Great Lakes Edition include several special features that provide an exclusive “custom shop” feel.

“These are special, aspirational models, for the owner who wants a tricked-out, custom machine with all the features and accessories. Think of them as being like our version of a platinum truck edition,” Stephen Ariens said.

For the Ariens lawn customer, Ariens debuted new updates to its Ikon zero-turn mower range. The standout Ikon Limited special edition model is sure to turn heads, recalling classic 1960s Ariens designs and integrating them with cutting-edge residential mower features.


Gravely introduced a new stand-on mower, the Z-Stance, which retains all the quality and durability of a professional mower, including a professional 4-year or 500-hour warranty.

“Stand-on mowers are the fastest growing category in the lawn equipment market. They offer great comfort and visibility on the jobsite for operators,” said Grant Wilson, product director, Gravely commercial. “The new Z-Stance is a professional mower with simplified operations for a more inclusive set of users.”

At GIE+EXPO, Gravely also showcased new enhancements for the Pro-Turn EV that increase its grass cutting power and diagnostic abilities.

“The Gravely Pro-Turn EV may be new to the landscaping market, but we are continuously looking at ways we can incorporate updates that improve efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use,” said Wilson. “We have enhanced this already cutting-edge electric mower with a new deck design that helps landscapers cut grass more efficiently while increasing its durability.”

For Gravely residential users, the company introduced a redesigned ZT zero-turn mower lineup and launched the ZT X Stealth two-tone, black-on-black edition, with premium features and distinctive finishes.

John Deere

At GIE+EXPO, John Deere celebrated 25 years of manufacturing its ZTrak commercial zero-turn mower lineup, commemorating a history of innovation that started in 1997 with the launch of the F620 and F680 zero-turn mowers. The brand continues to build on its commitment to effective and efficient commercial landscaping offerings with the recent launch of the Fastback PRO rear-discharge mower deck, offering time-saving solutions for professional landscapers.

“Ever since the first ZTrak zero-turn mower, Deere has kept the pedal down in terms of product improvements. For us, there’s always an improved model or attachment around the corner,” said Nick Minas, go-to-market manager, John Deere. “This anniversary celebrates 25 years of providing value and innovative products to our customers. We are excited to continue developing and designing the most effective equipment solutions for years to come.

To commemorate the anniversary of the ZTrak, John Deere featured a 25th anniversary unit front and center at this year’s GIE+EXPO, with a special decal included on all MY2022 ZTrak Z900 Series units to highlight this tremendous milestone.

Long Bed Special Application Vehicles

John Deere also introduced its Long Bed Special Application Vehicles. Designed and manufactured in collaboration with IAS, the Long Bed Special Application Vehicles provide solutions for customers needing additional bed space to haul larger, bulkier items. They are made to address the needs of large property owners, farmers and ranchers; as well as commercial and governmental customers.

The Long Bed Special Application Vehicles are available in gas or diesel and feature expanded 56-inch-by-82-inch heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum beds, 45-mph top speed, heavy-duty automotive-style tailgate, and optional fully enclosed IAS/Tektite Cab with HVAC and hard surface tires. Custom configurations are available upon request.


SiteOne Landscape Supply launched its new, exclusive LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers, including the LESCO 100, 200, 300 and 600 Applicator Models. Featuring 100% stainless-steel frames and coated Peerless transaxle to resist corrosive granular chemicals for added life, these new rugged LESCO ride-on spreaders are ideal for a variety of application needs.

“This new collection of LESCO spreaders and sprayers is truly top-of-the-line, and we are excited to bring them to market and boost productivity for our customers,” said Nick Schomer, senior category manager of equipment at SiteOne. “This exclusive new line of products, combined with excellent financing options through SiteOne, offer a unique opportunity for landscape professionals.”

Featuring a low center of gravity for excellent performance, even on sloped terrain, the LESCO Model 100 is ideal for projects that do not require liquid application.

The LESCO Model 200 releases both dry and liquid material, and features a dual setting spray system with 3-foot and 10-foot settings for multiple applications. It also has a narrow width of 35.5 inches to allow easy access through gates in residential areas and condominium complexes.

With zero-turn drive and a variable spray system, the LESCO Model 300 delivers coverage widths of 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-feet for use in several applications. Dual liquid spray tanks also provide a total capacity of 24 gallons for up to 2.2 acres of coverage.

As the largest model in the lineup, the LESCO Model 600 provides 20 percent more productivity than current industry units, featuring more liquid and granular capacity. It offers 12-foot spray coverage, plus a pivoting front axle with a low center of gravity for excellent performance on sloping terrain.


Toro introduced three new products designed to meet the evolving demands of landscape contractors at GIE+EXPO. Toro: the new Revolution Series of battery-powered commercial lawncare equipment – the Z Master Revolution and the Grandstand Revolution – and a new Z Master 7500-D with a 144” cutting deck.

“The new Z Master Revolution and Grandstand Revolution takes two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionizes them with battery power that will outlast the sun,” said Chris Vogtman, director of marketing at Toro. “We’re also excited to introduce the new Z Master 7500-D 144”, which helps landscapers make easy work of large amounts of acreage. Plus, all the new equipment comes Horizon360 capable, which is a real advantage for creating business efficiencies.”

Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent-pending software in the controls that enables smooth operation. It also gives operators a chance to customize the machine with adjustable deck rake, drive speed control options and blade tip speed settings.

The Revolution Series mowers are powered by Toro’s HyperCell Power System. The Battery Management System (BMS) allows for longer run times and quick charging to maximize productivity. HyperCell is built to run cooler than other power systems, so it can last as long as the sunlight.

Z Master Revolution

Built on Toro’s commercial-grade Z Master 4000 series frame and Turbo Force deck, the new Toro Z Master Revolution offers robust battery-powered go-all-day comfort with Toro’s patented MyRIDE suspension system. The suspended operator platform and easy to adjust, personalized ride settings maximize comfort.

Grandstand Revolution

The Toro GrandStand Revolution stand-on mower is a powerful machine designed for lawncare professionals focused on optimizing their businesses with the next generation of landscaping equipment. Featuring a Turbo Force Deck with adjustable baffle, operators can adjust the deck baffle to get the most pristine cut in any conditions. The Turbo Force deck is a 50 KSI 7-gauge high-strength steel deck, complemented with an extra-strength tubular chassis and durably rugged I-beam front-end. It also features dual capture anti-scalp rollers to ensure the highest quality of cut in the harshest terrain.

Z Master 7500-D 144”

Toro’s Z Master 7500-D is known to keep crew numbers to a minimum and productivity up — and now Toro is taking its capacity to a whole other level with a new 144” cutting deck. The new Z Master 7500-D 144” adapts to changing terrain on the fly automatically by choosing the right operating mode for the conditions with Toro’s Horizon technology. The Horizon onboard intelligence platform enhances the performance of the machine in various mowing conditions, and protects the mower by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure. The massive mowing deck can fold its wings up to 83 inches, allowing it to fit on most standard trailers. The wings flex up to 20 degrees and down to 15 degrees, which hug the ground as you mow, giving you a pro-quality cut on uneven terrain.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet introduced its first semi-autonomous commercial mowers – the Cub Cadet PRO Series PRO Z 960 S and 972 S SurePath units, which are outfitted with GPS technology and an exclusive four-wheel steering system.

The operator simply sets the preliminary cut line, and the PRO Z SurePath units will perform straight cutting paths with an auto-zero-turn at the end of each pass with the touch of a button. By utilizing high-precision GPS technology, SurePath Auto Steer reduces overlap and cuts perfect stripes, allowing the operator to complete a property in less time while producing superior cut quality.

“SurePath Auto Steer technology is the ultimate efficiency tool. Our field research shows it significantly reduces overlap and increases productivity by more than 0.5 acres per hour compared to traditional lap-bar steering controls,” said Josh Sooy, director, Professional Business Segment, Cub Cadet.

Post-pandemic labor shortages have been particularly challenging for industry professionals. The lack of skilled labor has equated to more time and resources being diverted to training new hires who lack experience operating larger commercial mowers, resulting in reduced productivity and poor cut quality. Because of the semi-autonomous nature of the Auto Steer technology, every single operator — from new hires to skilled operators — can be expected to deliver consistent quality cuts and efficient operation when using a PRO Z SurePath unit. Plus, the simple and intuitive user experience helps lower the learning curve and reduces the time necessary to train new hires.

Built on the PRO Z 960 S and PRO Z 972 S platforms, the SurePath units are outfitted with 16cc transmissions, 26-inch rear tires and a high-performance FX1000v Kawasaki engine, and are backed by a 3-year, no-hour-limit warranty or a 5-year 1,750-hour limited deck warranty.

Cub Cadet PRO Series PRO Z 960 S and 972 S SurePath units will be available at dealers in select markets starting in Spring 2022.


Boosting operating efficiency, servicing ease and operator comfort, the new Cat 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR hydraulic mini excavators introduce industry-first features for the 2.7- to 3.5-tonne class machines. Built on the Next Generation platform that offers a consistent operator experience through the 1.5- to 10-tonne range, each new model features exclusive stick steer, cruise control, operator adjustable settings, and tilt-up canopy or cab as standard.

Expanded use of common parts throughout the line plus their damage-resistant exterior construction help to reduce parts inventory investment and lower repair costs. Daily maintenance checks are quickly made from ground level through side doors, while the tilt-up cab design offers access to components for servicing. Increased service intervals mean these excavators spend more time on the job and less time in the workshop. Combined, these features lower total ownership costs up to 5% compared to previous models.

At the same time, design enhancements for the new 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR deliver up to 10% more performance in travel and trenching. Hydraulic system upgrades improve lifting performance and cycle times, while customizable operator settings improve efficiency.

The turbocharged Cat C1.1 Turbo engine powers the 302.7 CR and 303 CR models, while the Cat C1.7 anchors the powertrain for the 303.5 CR. Both engines meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards and offer 23.6 hp net power. Standard auto idle and auto engine shutdown help to conserve fuel usage at the site for more affordable operation.

These Next Generation mini hydraulic excavators feature a compact radius swing that reduces overhang when working to the side, allowing the machines to optimize performance in confined spaces. Fixed undercarriage widths for the 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR of 59.1, 61.0 and 70.1 inches, respectively, deliver the right balance of job site accessibility and stability for lifting performance. An expandable undercarriage option for the 302.7 CR allows the operator to hydraulically retract track width to 53.3 in for fitting into confined spaces and then expand width to 70.1 in for superior digging and lifting stability.

All three Next Gen models offer both standard- and long-stick configurations to increase machine versatility. Standard digging depths range from 96.5 to 110.6 inches, while the long stick configuration allows the machines to reach from 104.3- to 122.4-inch depths. The standard dozer blade further increases machine flexibility to handle backfilling and grading tasks. It features ample above- and below-grade travel and has a standard float function for easy clean-up. An angle blade option on the 303.5 CR gives further flexibility in backfilling applications for increased productivity.

The new 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR offer enhanced machine security options, with both a passcode and Bluetooth key start available. Offering an advanced touchscreen option, the large Next Generation display provides intuitive machine function control and easy monitoring of critical operating parameters, such as fuel level, coolant temperature and maintenance records.

Unique to their respective classes, these new Next Generation excavators offer the choice between canopy or cab enclosure. The sealed and pressurized cab offers a clean and quiet environment for the operator and can be equipped with heating and/or air conditioning for all-weather climate control.


Case Construction Equipment introduced the TV620B compact track loader (CTL). The 114-horsepower, 6,200-pound rated operating capacity CTL delivers best-in-class breakout forces — as well as more standardized features than previously available on any Case CTL. This includes standard adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, high-flow hydraulics, auto ride control, one-way self-leveling, a hydraulic coupler, an auto-reversing fan, LED lights and a one-year subscription to Case SiteWatch telematics. It also comes with a new 1.25 cubic yard heavy duty bucket designed specifically for the TV620B.

The new Case TV620B also features the new Case SiteConnect Module, remote connectivity, and software updates through the SiteManager App (iOS and Android), as well as connectivity to the CASE Uptime Center for collaborative fleet management between Case, the local Case dealer, and the equipment owner.

“The industry has never seen a CTL like this, and we’re focused on delivering extreme power and performance matched with intuitive technologies that simplify owning and operating,” said George MacIntyre, product manager, Case Construction Equipment. “The TV620B is built to simplify heavy work such as cold planing, mulching, heavy material handling, and loading high-sided trucks.”   

The TV620B also features the advances introduced with the launch of the Case B Series CTLs, including a completely redesigned operator interface, industry leading 360-degree visibility, and an eight-inch LCD multi-function display that serves as the command center for the machine. It also includes the industry’s only rearview camera visible in a split screen display with machine data.

Kubota’s new 2022 commercial turf products

Kubota unveiled its new line of hydro walk-behind mowers and new product enhancements within two of its powerful zero-turn lines – all designed to reduce costs and maximize uptime – fresh from the showroom floor at GIE+ Expo.

First up, Kubota unveiled an all-new Power Grass Catcher for the Z400 Series 54- and 60-inch steel-welded mower deck zero-turn models. With its all-steel blower construction and 10-bushel carrying capacity, the new Power Grass Catcher leaves no debris behind as it easily takes on top-level mowing performance even with the most challenging mowing tasks.

Early in 2021, Kubota announced the introduction of two new models to the Z400 Series: the Z412KW-48, Z422KW-54 and Z422KWT-60. The newest models come standard with 6.5-inch-wide front caster tires and a deluxe adjustable suspension seat with 3 inches of travel designed to maximize operator comfort.

Next, Kubota introduced Tweel tires to its Z781 zero-turn mower, powered by Kawasaki FX EFI engines, for both the 54- and 60-inch model decks. The Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tire is designed to eliminate service time caused by flat tires and unseated beads. The spokes offer excellent lateral stability on hillsides, sloped surfaces, and even when traveling over curbs and bumps.

* The Tweel tires are not compatible with the grass catcher due to weight.

With new ergonomic controls, new floating deck design and larger tires, the new W Series hydro walk-behind mowers offer three new models – the WHF14NC-36-2, WHF15NC-48-2, and WHF19NC-52-2 – and each are built to out-perform when cutting, mulching, and bagging. The new W Series models are perfectly tuned to optimize power and cutting width so that mower speed and horsepower increase with each deck size option, across the 36-, 48- or 56-inch decks. Take on properties up to three acres with a resilient five-hour run time and increase your performance with these newly improved, great durability mowers.


Steiner released its new Flail Mower attachment at the 2021 GIE+EXPO. This mower attachment provides high performance and durable cutting of grass and brush up to 3/4-inch diameter.

The Steiner Flail Mower attachment comes with two different knife options. The standard “Y” knife is used to cut tall, heavy grass and brush whereas the “Scoop” knife is used to give turf a more finished look.

The features on the rear of the attachment assist in making mowing more efficient. The rear roller on the Flail Mower attachment gives an eye-catching stripe finish on the turf while also providing stability. The rear discharge mower deck is effective when mowing along roadways and sidewalks to get rid of any debris in unwanted areas.

“At Steiner, we know that efficiency is one of the top priorities in landscaping, which is why the knives on our new Flail Mower attachment can be removed and installed in only a few minutes,” said Ron Scheffler, senior product manager for Doosan Bobcat, parent company of Steiner. “The Flail Mower attachment is another great addition to our line of tractor attachments, helping make tough jobs easy all year long.”

Attached to the powerful Steiner 450 tractor, the new Flail Mower attachment can get jobs done on uneven terrain thanks to the tractor’s unique articulating and oscillating frame. And with the QuickHitch attachment system, operators can switch between more than a dozen attachments in a matter of minutes with no tools required.

The Steiner Flail Mower attachment will be available in the beginning of 2022.

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