Grow Your Business with Mosquito-control Services

If you are searching for an add-on service that complements your existing landscaping business, one option is pest control services. MosquitoNix is an automated mosquito-controlling system. Offering MosquitoNix is a service that provides comfort to homeowners, and allows landscape professional to create long-term relationships with their customers because the misting systems need to be refilled throughout the mosquito season. recently spoke with Ken Davidson, director of franchise development for MosquitoNix, about the MosquitoNix technology and how it can benefit landscape professionals. Tell us a little bit about MosquitoNix, as well as the system itself.

Davidson: MosquitoNix was founded in 2003 in Dallas, and brought misting systems to the national scene in residential applications. We currently have 20 franchised locations throughout the south, southeast, and Midwest. We have installed more than 6,000 misting systems nationally. Our proprietary misting system utilizes “plug and play” technology, automated programmable logic controller, and features a remote control option for on-demand spray cycles. The MosquitoNix misting system is available to only MosquitoNix partners. How is the MosquitoNix offering of interest to professional landscapers?

Davidson: Our system helps professional landscaping stand out. Customers spend more time outside enjoying their backyards, thus enjoying their landscaping, thus spending more money on landscaping activities. Does the landscape professional have to become a franchisee to offer the product?

Davidson: Yes, only MosquitoNix franchisees can sell MosquitoNix systems and components. Does the landscape company need a dedicated rep and service technicians?

Davidson: We recommend to all MosquitoNix franchisees that at least one dedicated lead installer, assistant installer, and customer service representative are needed to efficiently run the operation. What is involved with the installation and maintenance of the system?

Davidson: On average, systems take five to six hours to install, and have an average price point around $3,000. Installation typically occurs around the perimeter of the property. Nozzles are installed on fence lines, trees, and in heavily landscaped areas. The nozzles and tubing are engineered to connect to our automated MosquitoNix misting system. Our system is designed to disperse a natural active ingredient (pyrethrum) three times a day for 45 seconds. Routine maintenance and refills are scheduled for each customer after the installation date. Service dates vary depending on the size of the system. Residual income per customer (per year) is around $1,200. What types of equipment, vehicles, and facilities are needed for the landscape contractor to become involved in this business?


Davidson: We recommend around 1,000-square-feet for warehouse space (contains system components and solution), two dedicated service vehicles, and a basic assortment of construction tools (ladders, drills, shovels, etc.). Start-up costs for equipment is around $6,000. Is there any specific area of expertise or training required to be a MosquitoNix contractor?

Davidson: Although no experience is necessary, a background in pest control or irrigation is helpful. What type of support does the contractor receive from your company?

Davidson: Franchisees receive a comprehensive five-day training course in Dallas, as well as marketing and creative support, ongoing site visits, three dedicated employees (at corporate) that focus on franchise relations and support, Web site support, and national advertising campaigns. How would a professional landscaper go about becoming involved in your company?

Davidson: Interested parties should contact me at 972-934-3131 ext. 124 (or via e-mail at Additional information is available at

 All photos courtesy of MosquitoNix

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