Husqvarna Unveils New Wheeled Edger

Husqvarna’s new LE475 wheeled edger provides clean lines where grass meets the sidewalk, driveway and other areas. It features two 7-inch front and two 8-inch rear re-treadable tires to provide superior precision and handling. The wheels are also adjustable to better maneuver curbs and other uneven terrain. Because it operates on four wheels, it has an ergonomic advantage over handheld edgers since the weight of the unit rests on the tires and not the arms of the user. The cutter head adjusts to multiple positions inside of a 90-degree rotation – for edging, beveling flower beds and moderate trimming and brushcutting projects. The standard 9-inch steel blade’s 4-inch working depth delivers a precise cut along driveways and sidewalks. With a 4.75 torque power Briggs & Stratton engine, it provides enough torque to edge through compact soils and grasses. The Husqvarna LE475 is now available at Husqvarna dealers nationwide.

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