Play in Yanmar’s College Football Experts Club

Yanmar is thrilled to give you the chance to get in on the action this football season. Now you can go head to head with all the members of the Yanmar Football Experts Club and compete for valuable prizes.

All you have to do is correctly pick the winners for each week’s College football matchups. The better your picks, the more points you put up on the board. The top expert each week wins an autographed mini helmet.  And if you finish the season with the most points, you’ll walk away with $1000 gift card and ultimate fan package!

No drafts.  No rosters.  No trades.  Simply pick the winners each week and start earning points.  Everything you need to help with your decision is right at your fingertips, including team records, hot / cold indicators, and the Athlon Sports StatCastâ„¢ – which gives you real-time statistical data on team matchups and who the rest of your competition is picking!

Once you fill out the registration form, you can start making your picks right away. And your new club membership comes with a few perks, too. Free e-newsletters will give you the inside scoop on all the teams, and help you keep track of who’s hot and who’s not.  Be sure to create your own Profile so that you can meet up with friends and challenge them in head-to-head competitions.  Looking for more of a challenge?  Join or create your own Challenge League – where you can have up to 100 friends competing against each other each week.  Each league has its own Standings page and a private message board for members only. And that’s just the beginning.  Compete each week to earn trophies for your virtual locker room.  Design your own football jersey to display to your fans and hang in your locker.  Create your own blogs for others to read your football rants.



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