Bill Wright issues letter to commercial mowing professionals, dealers, distributors and manufacturers

Bill Wright, CEO of Wright Manufacturing, Inc., issued an e-mail letter to industry professionals in which he shared his thoughts on the stand-on mower market and

 commended those who have embraced the stand-on mower category.

“As our industry grows, all of our businesses grow and vice versa,” Wright stated. “Our individual efforts to improve our businesses through our respective areas of expertise result in greater success for all of us.

“There are about six brands of stand-on mowers,” continued Wright. “If you’ve researched stand-on mowers, you certainly understand their productivity and profitability. For those of you who have not looked into them, I encourage you to do so this winter.”

According to Wright, there have been several major trends in mower manufacturing during the past 30 years:

1. The rise, plateau and decline of commercial intermediate walk-behind mowers from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

2. The rise, plateau and decline of commercial zero-radius-turning, mid-mount riding mowers from the early 1990s through the past two or three years.

3. The growth of the stand-on market.

“Incremental advances in technology and the resulting productivity gains have driven this evolution of the commercial mower market,” stated Wright. “I congratulate and give a hearty welcome to the newer participants in the stand-on category.”

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