Exmark unveils redesign of its most popular mower

Exmark introduced the new Next Lazer Z at GIE+EXPO. Three years in the making, the Next Lazer Z is an evolution of Exmark’s premier product, the Lazer Z, and includes dozens of enhancements that will reduce maintenance, improve traction and handling, and make the mower safer and more comfortable for landscape professionals.

Some of the most significant innovations on the Next Lazer Z include:

Cutting Deck: The new UltraCut Series 6 was created by combining the best of the UltraCut Series 4 and Triton cutting decks.
Seating System: To lessen operator fatigue, Exmark created an entirely new seating system with a three-dimensional motion isolation layout that reduces vibrations, bumps and jarring. Its rubber mounts allow ½ inch free movement in all directions.
Hydro Drive System: Exmark designed a custom Hydro Drive System with no hoses, a serviceable pump and motor, tougher bearings, and an improved cooling system for better productivity and increased oil capacity. When used with exclusive Exmark Premium Hydro Oil, the new Hydro Drive System requires even less maintenance.
Rollover Protection System (ROPS): The ROPS’ new rear-sloping position allows it to shed low-hanging limbs away from the operator. Its fold points are lower so it won’t hit objects when in the folded position.
Unibody Frame: The Next Lazer Z’s unibody frame sits close to the ground, allowing for the optimum placement of the mower’s heaviest components, and helping to improve center of gravity.

Detailed information about all of the new Next Lazer Z features is available at www.nextlazer.com. The Next Lazer Z will be introduced at select dealerships in November. The new mower, available with a 3-year commercial and 5-year consumer warranty, will be available for purchase across Exmark’s network of 1,500 dealers by the end of 2008.

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