Wright stands behind bold claim

Wright Manufacturing CEO Bill Wright recently issued a letter to all commercial mowing professionals, dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the form of a one-page advertisement, congratulating and commending each of them who have embraced the “stand-on as the most productive mower category today.”

At GIE+EXPO Oct. 23, he reinforced his message with a lengthy, diagram-filled presentation. He also distributed a brochure titled “10 Reasons to Ride Wright,” which summed up the presentation and highlighted what Wright Manufacturing believes are the advantages of its stand-on mowers over traditional riding and walk-behind mowers, as well as other stand-on mowers.

The 10 reasons were as follows:

1)    Ground speed: By mowing faster than the traditional walk-behind, you are much more productive.

2)    Small footprint: Standing mowers are some of the smallest mowers from front to back in the industry.

3)    Low polar moment: With the operator in the center of the zero-radius turning point, you can make quick turns without centrifugal force on the operator.

4)    Traction on hills: By shifting your weight to counter the incline of hills, you gain better traction, power and control.

5)    Stability: The lower center of gravity gives you more stability for a safer ride.

6)    Visibility: Standing provides better visibility so you can see everything around you.

7)    Avoiding obstacles: With the low-profile, standing position and lack of seatbelts, you can avoid obstacles with a quick bend of the knees.

8)    Bail-out ability: On riding mowers, you’re strapped – or should we say “trapped” – in your seat by the seat back, armrests and control levers.

9)    Ergonomics: Standing takes the stress off your lower back and lets your stronger leg muscles act as shock absorbers.

10)  Cutting-edge: Not all stand-on mowers are created equal. (The brochure lists several reasons that Wright Manufacturing believes its mid-platform stand-on mowers are better than the competition’srear-andforward-platformstand-onmowers.)

For more information about Wright Manufacturing, visit www.wrightmfg.com.

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