Toro GrandStand stand-on mower

The new Toro GrandStand stand-on mower features a suspension system that offers a smooth ride over the roughest terrains, plus a retractable platform that allows for operation from both stand-on and walk-behind positions. The GrandStand mower incorporates the Toro Turbo Force deck and twin-lever steering controls, making it easy to use while providing the landscape contractor an unsurpassed quality-of-cut.
“While developing the Toro GrandStand, we spent countless hours in the field with contractors talking about what they wanted in a stand-on mower,” reveals Edric Funk, marketing manager for Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment. “They told us over and over again the stand-on segment needed a machine that delivered performance and productivity without the aches and pains they often feel when operating this type of mower. Based upon that direction, we developed a stand-on mower that really takes a stand on comfort — providing unmatched performance without pounding the legs, knees, and backs of those who will run it all day.”
Among the four Toro GrandStand models now available, contractors have a choice of 48″ or 52″ cutting decks, with a 19- or 23-hp Kawasaki® engine. All models come standard with Toro’s Turbo Force cutting deck, which includes the patented adjustable baffle that allows landscape professionals to fine-tune their cutting performance in order to conquer changing seasons or turf conditions without sacrificing quality or efficiency. According to Funk, this is the same proven cutting-deck technology used on Toro’s Z Master® mowers and mid-size walk-behinds.
“Stand-on mowers are built for productivity,” says Funk, “combining the quickness of Z mowers with the mobility of a walk-behind – and allowing operators to easily get on and off to remove debris and other obstacles. However, we believed existing stand-on mowers fell short of delivering the overall productivity that landscape contractors wanted,” he explains. “Many of the operators we talked to complained that stand-on mowers didn’t perform particularly well on slopes or around obstacles. Several of the features built into the Toro GrandStand address those concerns and help landscape contractors achieve one simple goal — a quality job, done faster.”
The Toro GrandStand mower’s design features a versatile fold-up platform that offers operators ride and walk capabilities to accommodate various conditions on the jobsite and reduce the need for a separate walk-behind mower on the trailer. The platform’s large surface area gives operators the freedom to adjust their position and shift their weight to comfortably operate the mower throughout the day. An anti-fatigue rubber mat with a non-slip surface is incorporated into the platform design to reduce vibration transmitted to the operator, as well as increase the operator’s sure footedness on the machine. The GrandStand mower is also engineered with a platform suspension system that offers a smooth ride to reduce operator fatigue. This suspension system is self-compensating to accommodate operators of differing weights.
The weight balance and wide tire stance of the Toro GrandStand mower allow the machine to excel on hillsides. The weight distribution can be customized to suit individual preferences, and operators have the freedom to easily shift their weight to further influence the machine’s traction.
Toro designed the GrandStand mower with convenient, easy-to-use controls. The twin-lever, low-effort steering control levers allow more precise control of the unit, and the adjustable speed control limits the top-end speed of the GrandStand without restricting the control lever travel. This feature is especially useful when training new operators; it also allows for precise trimming in delicate areas and enhances machine control in the walk-behind mode. Height-of-cut adjustments also can be made from the operator’s platform.
Operators will enjoy the speed, compact size, and unobstructed visibility of the new Toro GrandStand mower. The ground speed is faster than mid-size walk-behind mowers and comparable to compact zero-turn riders. The GrandStand is smaller and lighter than most riding mowers and takes up less trailer space, allowing more mowers to fit onto one trailer or the use of a smaller trailer. This mower’s compact design allows it to easily maneuver in tight spaces and pass beneath low-hanging branches. On sensitive turf, its light footprint is less destructive than typical riding mowers.
For more information about the new Toro GrandStand stand-on mower, contact your Toro Landscape Contractor Equipment dealer, call The Toro Company at 1-800-348-2424, e-mail, or visit


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