Boxer breaks out new products

Boxer Equipment, a division of Compact Power, Inc., recently rolled out two new ground-breaking products: the Boxer 322D mini-skid and the Boxer 118 dedicated trencher.

The 322D offers robust power in a smaller, lighter package. It accepts all of the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models, but is designed to cater to the unique needs of landscape contractors, homeowners and especially the rental market due to its ease of operation, smaller footprint and excellent lifting power. The 322D comes standard with 7-inch-wide rubber tracks that only produce 3.3 psi of ground pressure, helping to minimize damage to existing lawns and landscapes. It boasts a 22-hp. Kubota diesel engine and a two-pump, 3,000-psi hydraulic operating system, which combined create a hydraulic flow of 9.4 gpm to power the machine’s auxiliary and propulsion systems. The 332D is 34.5 inches wide with a maximum ground speed of 3.5 mph. These two attributes combined make quick work of otherwise challenging jobs and tight working areas. The 332D features a tipping capacity of 1,325 pounds and an operating capacity of 663 pounds at 50-percent tipping load. The machine is also built to handle more than 50 universal compact utility attachments.

The Boxer 118 is Compact Power’s first dedicated ride-on trencher. Ideal for utility and irrigation contractors, as well as the rental market, the 118 delivers power, performance, comfort and safety. Its 18-hp. air-cooled Kohler Command Pro gasoline engine with a chain speed of 280 feet per minute, and standard discharge auger combine for a clean cut and consistent trenching speeds. The 118 is available in 24- and 36-inch lengths, both of which come with a 6-inch combo chain. The 118 only produces 2.9 psi of ground pressure, thereby minimizing damage to existing lawns and landscapes. With a width of only 35 inches, the 118 is compact enough to maneuver and trench in tight areas and is ideally sized for the rental industry. The controls are ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort and function, with a foot pedal and sort lever for easy trencher operation. The sort lever allows the operator to engage the trencher by hand. Once the trencher engages, the operator can then use the foot pedal to keep the trencher chain rotating, allowing the operator to focus on the machine’s steering and ground flow power controls while trenching.

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