Exmark to save dealers time and money with steel returnable crates

Exmark announced Dec. 15 that it will ship all Next Lazer Z and Next Lazer Z AS products to its distributors and dealers in returnable steel crates.

The steel crates will reduce both the average set-up time required before delivery to the end customer, and the time required for dealers to dispose of wood pallets previously used for shipping. The previous set-up process took one to two hours. With returnable steel crates, the unit arrives at the dealership assembled, eliminating the need for dealer quality checks and adjustments.

“Exmark is continuously evaluating how we can help our distributors and dealers become even more efficient,” said Exmark President Mark Stinson. “These returnable steel crates will reduce dealers’ set-up time dramatically. With the new crates, the dealer pulls two pins, connects the battery cables, puts fuel in, and drives the mower off the crate.”

Dealers will submit a pick-up request when they have six empty crates, and the crates will then be collected and re-used. Previously, old wood pallets may have been scrapped after shipment. 

“Steel crates are a much more environmentally-friendly solution for shipping mowers, and that is important to everyone at Exmark, as well as our partners throughout the distribution channel,” Stinson said.

Returnable steel crates are manufactured by Wright Metal Products in Simpsonville, S.C.

For additional information,logontowww.exmark.com.

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