Honda Engines reveals new engines, new warranty

Honda Engines recently unveiled three new pressure washer engines and all-new warranty coverage for its GX Series engine models.

Honda’s new GX200TQAPW, GX390T1QAPW and GCV190LAN5AP engines are specifically and solely designed to provide smooth and reliable power to a variety of residential and commercial pressure washers. All three engines have been expressly tuned to provide maximum pressure washer output and feature exclusive components designed to match the needs of pressure washer users. Maximum power for the engines is achieved via improved engine cooling, while special induction components enhance engine breathing.

“Honda has been working with our partners in the power products industry for many years to provide reliable and durable power to end users,” said Scott Conner, assistant vice president, Honda Engines. “By introducing these three new engines that are designed specifically for pressure washers, we expect to even better meet the needs of our customers.”

Honda Engines also announced that effective Jan. 1, 2009, a new three-year warranty will apply to GX engines used for consumer, commercial and rental applications. This warranty replaces the existing two-year coverage currently offered by Honda on general-purpose engine products.

As part of the new warranty plan, Honda GX, GXV and V-Twin engines will enjoy newly extended warranty coverage. This includes GX100 to GX440i engines, GXV340 to GXV390 engines, and all V-Twin engines.

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