Ideal 6.3 for Windows will save OPE dealers time and money

Ideal Computer Systems, a leading provider of business management software for outdoor power equipment dealers, is pleased to announce the release of “Ideal 6.3 for Windows,” its newest version of business management software. This version includes a Digital Signature Capture, Technician Time Clock, new Labor Efficiency reports, new End of Day reports, even more advanced Inventory reports, many performance upgrades, and much more.

“Ideal 6.3 has been a work in progress for several months, but we wanted to make sure this new version would be the most beneficial system on the market for OPE dealers,” said Ideal President Dennis Haefner. “Our new version includes several key features that OPE dealers need to run their business more efficiently while saving both time and money.”

With some of these new features, OPE dealers will be able to do the following:

Digitally capture customer signatures rather than rely on paper files
Easily track technicians’ time via an integrated Time Clock
Interface to Google Maps or Mapquest to view customer locations for pick-up and delivery
Improve employee productivity with integrated time management reports
Better manage their service department with enhanced technician efficiency reports
Reduce inventory costs with advanced inventory movement reports
And much more

“OPE dealers will really like our new technician Time Clock,” said Haefner. “Being able to have technicians clock in and clock out on service orders and track overall time spent on jobs easily shows where employees are most efficient and what areas they need work on. And several of our new reports will easily speed up daily operations and pinpoint vital areas that could potentially save dealers a significant amount of money.”   

For more information about Ideal 6.3, you can request a free demo and information kit by calling (800) 737-1620 or visiting

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