Exmark awards Extreme Cup

Exmark announced Jan. 20 that the winner of its 2008 Extreme Cup was Lawn Equipment Parts Company (LEPCO) of Marietta, Pa. Exmark, a Beatrice, Neb.-based manufacturer of commercial lawn mowers, awards the Extreme Cup annually to the most outstanding manager or parts department of a company that distributes Exmark products.

LEPCO supplies aftermarket parts to more than 800 dealers, including Exmark dealers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia. Parts Manager Doug Ulmer led LEPCO’s parts department in 2008 before retiring in December after nearly 30 years with the company. Glen Burkholder now serves as LEPCO’s parts and service manager.

“I have never seen a distributor win more dealer loyalty and engagement in the service parts business than LEPCO,” said Mark Aldendifer, parts and accessories marketing manager at Exmark. “Under Doug and Glen’s direction, LEPCO has done a tremendous job marketing Exmark parts, and their 2008 growth reflects that commitment.”

Burkholder said the parts department has benefitted from the work of Chris Reinhold, LEPCO parts warehouse manager, who continues to strengthen the company’s relationships with outdoor power equipment dealers.

Operational efficiency is also a key to success, Burkholder said.

“We’ve made a big commitment to having parts on hand, because it all starts with having what the dealers need,” Burkholder said. “Then, it’s just as important to have quick response time from our guys in receiving, getting parts onto the shelf, and packaging orders. It’s the entire process, running smoothly, that makes us successful.”

LEPCO was nominated for the award by Jim Lysle, Exmark regional sales manager.

To determine the winner of the Extreme Cup, Exmark evaluated parts distributors nationwide in several categories such as order fill rate to dealers, rate of increase in sales, and marketing efforts for Exmark parts.

LEPCO employees pictured, left to right, are as follows: Jeff Clark, president; Glen Burkholder, technical service and parts purchasing manager; Dave Goodwin, assistant technical service and parts purchasing manager; and Tim Martin, equipment purchasing manager. Not pictured is Doug Ulmer, retired parts purchasing manager.

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