Stens comes to the rescue with ambulance donation


HELPING HAND: Stens President Peter Ariens, left, and Mark Salter, right, stand before the ambulance that Stens donated at Salter’s request to Mercy & Sharing.It was the spring of 2008 when a vendor approached Stens with a request to donate an ambulance to Mercy & Sharing, an organization dedicated to helping feed, educate, and medically care for children and widows in Haiti.

“The request was a bit of a surprise to be honest,” said Stens President Peter Ariens. “It’s not often that we have vendors approach us for such specific donations.”

Mark Salter, the Stens vendor who asked for the donation, has grown used to soliciting for such useful donations. Since his involvement in the Mercy & Sharing organization, he accepted the role of program director and helped founder Susie Krabacher foster the children of Haiti. “I have been to Haiti and seen the dangerous and unhealthy conditions these children live in everyday.” said Salter. “It’s truly heart wrenching.”

“As a business owner, my hope is to always change lives in a positive way,” said Ariens. “After hearing Mark’s stories and getting to know the organization, it was nearly impossible to say no.  Especially in this time of economic change, we feel it is particularly important to remember those less fortunate than us.” 

Mercy & Sharing is an organization committed to giving 100 percent to the children. It employs a staff of more than 150 native Haitians, who mentor, nurture, love, and respect Haitian children. In return, Haitian children learn to love, respect, and provide for themselves and families as adults. For more information on Mercy & Sharing, visit  

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