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 Ariens operator-controlled chute baffle kits
Ariens Company introduced 2 new operator-controlled chute baffle kits specifically designed to fit Ariens and Gravely brands of mowers with X-Factor decks. These new discharge chute kits enable operators to quickly control the flow of side-discharged grass clippings on the fly. By operating a spring-loaded control handle, the baffle plate drops, covering the deck’s discharge opening. Operators can quickly raise the baffle, enabling the side-discharge operation while the rubber side-discharge chute remains intact, ensuring safety and ANSI compliance. For more information, visit

 Bad Boy Advanced Chute System
Bad Boy’s Advanced Chute System is a heavy-duty discharge control system that fits virtually any mower. Attached easily to the deck, the metal chute guard can be raised and lowered in increments quickly and easily with the attached solid-steel handle. Save time by reducing raking, blowing and re-mowing — it also serves as a mulching system. Eliminate flying debris and damage to pedestrians and property. For more information, visit

 Country Clipper Professional Bagging System
The Country Clipper Professional Bagging System has a 14-cubic-foot capacity. The system is framed in heavy-duty steel and has maximized airflow to completely fill all 3 extra-durable cloth bags every time. It boasts a heavy-duty 1/4-inch-thick cast-aluminum boot and lower housing, as well as a high-efficiency blower-system. Additional features include quick and easy assembly, and a 12-inch diameter 4-vane heavy-duty 4-gauge steel impeller blade. For more information, visit

 Encore Power Equipment 3-bag grass catcher
Encore’s 3-bag grass catcher offers 11-bushel capacity, an all-steel impeller with steel-reinforced blower housing, counter flow design to break up incoming material, easy-to-handle drop-in frames, reinforced heavy-duty bottom pans with handles, a quick-release blower mounting system, and mesh fabric bags for better air flow. No extra engine is required. For more information, visit

 Exmark jack and receiver
Exmark’s new jack and receiver for Next Lazer Z zero-turn riding mowers offer a reliable, simple way to access the deck. The 2-bolt receiver design is easy to install and mounts conveniently to frame without interfering with other accessories. The jack and receiver feature a no-strain, no-hassle crank-lift design; smooth, comfortable ergonomic design; and plenty of lift travel for easy deck access. Each item is available at local Exmark dealers and sold separately: part no. 116-1049 (receiver), and part no. 116-1351 (jack). For more information, visit

 Grasshopper’s Edge-EZE edger
Grasshopper’s Edge-EZE is available with an electric actuator that increases downward pressure in tough conditions and easily raises the disc for crossing sidewalks. Edge-EZE delivers a clean edge up to 2.5 inches deep at up to 600 feet per minute along sidewalks, driveways and roadways. Both electric and manual versions provide vertical adjustment up to 12 inches and allow edging from the sidewalk, turf or curb. Compatible with FrontMount and MidMount DuraMax decks (48-inch and larger), the Edge-EZE mounts in place of the deck’s standard discharge shield. For more information visit

 Gravely car pusher
The new Gravely car pusher attachment for use on the all-season Gravely Rapid M models allows operators to easily move stalled or parked cars. The car pusher mounts to the front of the 2-wheeled Gravely Rapid M with a locking pin and attachment socket. A solid rubber bumper surrounding the frame protects cars from dents and paint scratches. The Gravely Rapid M is part of the new Gravely Rapid line — all-in-one machines that easily transition from season to season. For more information, visit

 John Deere Mulch-on-Demand deck
The John Deere Mulch-on-Demand deck enables operators to mow safely near pedestrian areas without throwing objects or “dusting” cars, and it eliminates clipping removal from mulch beds or sidewalks. Operators may switch from side discharge to mulch mode by simply moving a lever from their seat. John Deere has expanded its Mulch-on-Demand deck offerings to include 48-, 54- and 60-inch widths. Available as a factory-installed option for the Z820A and Z830A Z-Trak Pro mowers, the patented moveable baffle system not only blocks the discharge opening but separates each cutting chamber to ensure the grass clippings circulate, mulch, and drop quickly. For more information, visit

 Kubota “Catch-ALL” grass catcher
The compact design and 12.2-bushel capacity of Kubota’s 2-bag and 1-tray grass catcher makes it easy to use. The high-capacity catcher allows the operator to mow longer over a larger area without stopping as often to empty clippings. For quick disposal of clippings, the hopper lid is simply unlocked and opened, allowing the bags to slide out and be dumped. The “Catch-ALL” deck-mounted blower allows operators to out-work the competition with its high-capacity and high performance. For additional information on ZD Series implements and accessories, visit

 Lastec 96-, 100-, and 132-inch PTO mowers
Lastec’s PTO-driven mowers feature articulating decks that follow the contour of the ground in order to deliver an accurate, “high-definition” cut. These decks bring the same precision as mowing with individual push mowers and when attached to your tractor cost only a fraction of the self-contained options. For more information, visit

 Scag Tiger Stripe lawn striping system
The patented Tiger Stripe lawn striping system is the ultimate way to enhance the striping ability of your Scag zero-turn riding mower. The Tiger Stripe Kit allows users to turn the stripe on and off, and remove the entire roller system without tools. Its spring-loaded design applies downward pressure to the grass to further enhance the stripe and allow the roller to contour to uneven terrain better than standard fixed rollers. For more information visit

 ProSulkyby Selbro, Inc.
The ProSulky by Selbro feature heavy-duty steel construction, powder-coated finish, easy-access grease fittings, flanged bushings and tapered bearings, a quick-release system, and pro-fit brackets, as well as a 2-year parts warranty and 7-day money-back guarantee. Flat-free tires are available. The ProSulky is engineered in the USA for top performance. For more information, visit

 SweepEx Pro 720 broom attachment
The SweepEx Pro 720 from TrynEx International comes standard with a fork hitch and is available with 3-point rigid and bucket-lip mounting kits. With these attachment options, the SweepEx series is adaptable to many service vehicles, including riding mowers. SweepEx brooms include no moving parts, eliminating the cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings typically associated with rotary-style brooms. By simply detaching the rugged end protectors, the broom’s brush sections can be replaced, rotated or moved with minimal effort. For more information, visit

 Swisher’s T-66 Trailmower
Swisher’s T-66 Trailmower offers a wide cutting deck and attaches to an ATV or lawn tractor. It is the ultimate time-saver for large lawns and meadows with grass up to 6 inches in height. Use Swisher’s T-66 Trailmower as a wing mower attached to a lawn tractor, and more than double your cutting width reducing your mowing time by more than half. For more information, visit

 Toro equipment covers
The Toro Company “has you covered” with a complete line of deluxe equipment covers to protect Toro equipment from nature’s harsh elements. Made from a 600 Denier polyester fabric, the all-black covers are waterproof, as well as abrasion- and tear-resistant. Although they’re perfect as overnight covers for machines stored outside, they also offer longer-term protection during off-season storage. Each of the covers has a special vented design that helps promote air movement around the equipment. They feature an elastic opening with an adjustable ladder-lock for a snug, secure fit. For more information, visit

 Wright Velke SuperPro sulky
Wright Manufacturing’s line of Velke sulkies now includes a comfortable, heavy-duty SuperPro model. Mono-spring suspension and a protective rubber fender over the top of the wheel provide the operator with superior cushioning. The larger, wider, non-pneumatic tire can never go flat, increasing the sulky’s productivity, as well as its smoothness of ride. The Velke SuperPro ruggedness can be seen in the extra-wide hitch and 7-gauge steel construction — yet it folds compactly. For more information, visit

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