Honda introduces EU3000i Handi generator

 Honda Power Equipment introduced the all-new EU3000i Handi, an addition to the popular Honda Super Quiet Series of portable generators. The new EU3000i Handi adds increased portability to the fuel efficiency and reliability of Honda’s existing EU3000i generator. The lightweight and extremely user-friendly EU3000i Handi provides customers with dependable, portable power for use at home or at remote recreational sites.

The EU3000i Handi increases the breadth of the Honda EU generator Super Quiet Series lineup through enhancements in the areas of noise, size, usability and fuel consumption. Producing 3,000 volt amperes (VA) ― or watts ― of power, the EU3000i Handi meets a variety of power needs. The new model’s ample power output, exceptional fuel efficiency and super quiet operation make it well suited to provide limited home back-up power during a blackout or other power emergency, while its easy operation and extreme portability suit it equally well for a campsite, RV camping and tailgating activities.

Compared to the equally reliable and powerful Honda EU3000i generator, the EU3000i Handi is approximately 45 percent lighter with a dry weight of only 77.6 pounds, a significant reduction in weight for a unit producing the same power output. This weight reduction lends itself to a recoil start system as opposed to a recoil electric start system. A lighter generator is a more portable generator, and the EU3000i Handi now allows customers to more easily take their generator anywhere they need portable power.

In an all-new design for Honda, the EU3000i Handi features built-in wheels, two fixed handles and a folding handle to allow for easy movement of the generator from place to place and from job to job. When one person uses the foldable handle to wheel the generator, its total towing weight is a slight 17.6 pounds – easily manageable by people of all statures. Two people can conveniently carry the EU3000i Handi with the unit’s fixed handles, or one person can more easily load and unload the unit from a storage spot using both handles for optimal leverage.

In relation to generator innovation, Honda engineers have employed the latest in Eco-Throttle technology and a high efficiency inverter design in the EU3000i Handi, resulting in very low fuel consumption for a generator of its power output. The EU3000i Handi can operate on one tank of fuel for more than 4 hours, saving owners time and money.

At the heart of the new EU3000i Handi is the reliable and powerful Honda GX160 engine. With the GX160, the Honda EU3000i Handi provides an economical, quiet and efficient powerplant to complement the generator’s technology and advanced design.

As is the case with all Honda power equipment engines, the GX160 provides reliable, 4-cycle power to the unit. An overhead valve (OHV) system in the GX160 incorporates advanced engine technologies in a compact package. Coupled with the EU3000i Handi’s specially designed housing, the generator is able to produce ample power for the job at hand with very little noise. In fact, the EU3000i Handi is the quietest generator in its market segment, producing a mere 56-65 dB of sound while in operation.

“The all-new EU3000i Handi offers our customers more of what they have come to value in all of Honda’s portable generators – durability, ease of operation and fuel efficiency,” said Honda Power Equipment vice president, Steve Bailey. ”In today’s unusual economic environment, consumers want products that serve multiple purposes in their busy lives, and the EU3000i Handi meets those needs.”

Honda is the world’s largest engine manufacturer, having sold nearly 24 million units in 2008 across all of its global product lines. Its generators are characterized by the same fuel-efficient technology that is behind the company’s reputation for unparalleled durability, quality and reliability.


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