Husqvarna launches Dealer Chat

Husqvarna recently introduced a Dealer Chat feature as a component of its highly responsive Customer Service Center.

The new tool allows Husqvarna retailers to communicate with a customer service representative, similar to instant messaging, if they choose this option. Anything from tracking shipments and determining product availability to finding part numbers can be achieved online at the retailer’s convenience.

“Selecting this option means the dealer has the freedom to operate their business without having a phone in their ear, and still get their answers as if they did,” said Jim Wilson, director of customer service for Husqvarna. “Accessing Dealer Chat is a choice the dealer makes or the dealer still has the option of talking via telephone to a representative.”

Husqvarna, the only outdoor power equipment manufacturer to offer this service, has seen a steady increase in Dealer Chat usage since the feature was launched in January 2009. Tracking reports indicate that dealer interactions have more than doubled in just three months.

Husqvarna Retailer Joe Vitek of Cavalier International in Ashland, Va., is a fan of Dealer Chat. “It allows me to multi-task,” said Vitek, who estimates he uses this feature about 75 percent of the time now. “Oftentimes, I’m working late, and I like the fact that I can chat online with customer service until 8 o’clock at night if I have a question.”

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