Charter Software, Channel Ideas form business alliance

Charter Software Inc., a provider of dealer business management systems, announced May 27 the formation of an alliance with Steven Zarwell and Neil Frame of Channel Ideas to offer Business Operating Services (BOS) to agricultural, outdoor power, and other types of equipment dealers across North America. The team offers consulting and training programs to dealerships that focus on operations management, department management and employee training. Services can range from simple phone discussions to full on-site assessments.

“We provide dealers with immediate solutions for tough situations,” said Frame, president of Channel Ideas. “The training programs we offer are real-world, substantive and on-target to increase a dealer’s success in business and as an individual.”

Anne Salemo, president of Charter Software, said of the alliance, “Charter Software provides business software solutions designed to increase dealership efficiency and profitability, so it makes sense for us to offer business management assistance to dealers who need or request it.

“We’re excited about this opportunity to team up with Channel Ideas to help dealers understand and apply business concepts to make their dealerships even more profitable.”

With an on-site assessment by Channel Ideas, dealers will gain knowledge and ideas to help stabilize their store, as well as policies and procedures they can implement instantly — all designed to put increased profits to the bottom line. “We believe dealers deserve training from people who have actually sold on the floor and managed sales as opposed to just seeing it done and then teaching it,” said Frame. “Together, Steven Zarwell and I have decades of actual dealership experience in selling and managing. With our combined ‘been-there, done-that’ experience and knowledge, we advise dealers on what to do now to stabilize and grow a dealership, and guide them to higher sales and success levels.”

Zarwell, Channel Ideas industry speaker and consultant, added, “Unlike many other industry consultants, trainers and facilitators, Neil and I have each held numerous positions in dealerships of all types and demographics. We understand that because no dealership works the same way, or share the same market variables, that they need to implement solutions that are logical for their overall dealership, departments and marketplace. This is where our ‘feet-on-the-ground’ approach to knowing the industry and how the dealer does business really pays off for the dealer.

“We want to send dealers a message of hope that there is a team of professionals who can stabilize, build and exceed your expectations today and for years to come.”

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