Water Cannon introduces foam jet injector

 For less than $100, Water Cannon’s new professional foam jet kit (Part # 14.0289) allows users to go green and save money by conserving chemical use up to 90 percent. This high-pressure foam system tool shoots over 20 feet of dense foam that literally sticks to surfaces, instantly conserving chemical use. It also provides detergent suction power — even at over 30 feet of vertical height.

A fully variable spray pattern allows users to shoot a straight stream or adjust it up to 50 degrees. This tool is 6 times more effective than just using wet chemicals alone.  It works on any pressure washer from light-use homeowner units to heavy-duty industrial applications up to 5,000 psi with a maximum flow rate of 5.6 gpm. This injector operates with cold or even hot (up to 140-degree F) pressure washers.

Water Cannon/(800) 454-9274


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