Maruyama signs prominent Canadian distributor


 JET Equipment & Tools, Ltd.Maruyama announced Aug. 31 that it signed an agreement with JET Equipment & Tools, Ltd. of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, to distribute its complete line of products in Canada’s Western provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and Northwest Territories. JET Equipment has been a supplier in the outdoor power equipment market since 1996.

According to Morris Knudsen, sales and marketing manager for the JET Equipment Turf Division, “We are extremely proud to distribute the Maruyama brand in Western Canada. At JET, we’ve long admired the quality of the Maruyama products. This business agreement represents a tremendous growth opportunity for JET Equipment and our customers.”

Added Leif Ringstad, Maruyama general sales manager, “JET Equipment is truly a first-class and widely respected wholesale distribution company in Canada. Maruyama is very pleased to have JET represent our products in the Western provinces.”

Tom Glaze, Maruyama vice president and general manager, added, “The tremendous industry experience, exceptional customer service, and solid product knowledge JET Equipment provides its customer base is the foundation for their success. We strongly believe Maruyama will gain a solid foothold in Western Canada with our business partnership.”

Maruyama U.S. Inc. manufactures professional outdoor power equipment, sprayers and agricultural equipment, which are specifically designed for commercial applications and demanding conditions. For more information about Maruyama, visit its Web site at

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