Country Clipper hands out hardware at annual distributors meeting


DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR — Boettcher Supply, Inc. received Country Clipper’s 2009 Distributor of the Year award. Pictured from left to right are Dennis Ervin, director of marketing & sales, Country Clipper; Jay Eck, lawn/garden manager, Boettcher Supply, Inc.; Carl Shivvers, president of Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc.; and John Willard, national sales manager, Country Clipper.


OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD — Dorian Drake International, Inc. was presented Country Clipper’s 2009 Outstanding Achievement award. Pictured from left to right are John Willard; Chris Canellas, Dorian Drake group manager, hardware lawn & garden; Aprille Browne, Dorian Drake area manager, Asia/Pacific Hardware Lawn & Garden Group, Carl Shivvers; and Dennis Ervin.


INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR OF THE YEAR — All Power Industries garnered Country Clipper’s 2009 International Distributor of the Year award. Pictured from left to right are Dennis Ervin; Carl Shivvers; Aprille Browne, Dorian Drake area manager, Asia/Pacific Hardware Lawn & Garden Group; Nik Boeinghoff, New Zealand sales manager, Allpower; and John Willard.Country Clipper recognized three of its finest distributors of 2009 at its annual distributor meeting at Honey Creek Resort Aug. 25-26 in Moravia, Iowa. The award winners were as follows:

Distributor of the Year: Boettcher Supply, Inc. Based in Beloit, Kan., Boettcher Supply received the award for its outstanding results in the areas of sales growth, dealer service, training and customer support in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado. “Boettcher Supply, Inc. was able to keep their business strong in a time when many businesses were struggling,” said Dennis Ervin, director of sales and marketing for Country Clipper. “They did this with strong leadership, excellent people at all levels of their organization, and the strong business relationships with their customers that have been earned through the years. We are extremely pleased to be represented by an organization such as Boettcher Supply, Inc.”

Outstanding Achievement award: Dorian Drake International, Inc. Located in White Plains, N.Y., Dorian Drake earned this honor for its outstanding efforts in the areas of international sales and marketing of the Country Clipper brand in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. “Dorian Drake has done an outstanding job in the marketing of Country Clipper in the international arena,” Ervin said. “They have utilized their established relationships, developed over years in these markets, to place the Country Clipper account with distributors that understand the sales, marketing and service that adds true value to their retail dealers, across the world. It is great to see an organization know exactly what they need to do to get the job done effectively, and Dorian Drake has accomplished this consistently over the years.”

International Distributor of the Year: All Power Industries. Located in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, All Power took home this award in its first year with Country Clipper for its outstanding efforts in sales, service and marketing in Australia and New Zealand. “All Power Industries has had outstanding results in their first year due to their knowledge and experience in the marketplace over their 20-year history and their strong relationships that have been developed with their dealer market in Australia and New Zealand,” said Ervin. “We are extremely pleased at their results in the first year of our partnership and look forward to their continued success and outstanding performance in the distributor position. We couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with them.”

Country Clipper, which is a division of Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc., is a Corydon, Iowa-based manufacturer of residential and commercial zero-turn mowers. For more information about Country Clipper, visit its Web site at

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