Additional Duracore remanufactured parts now available for Bobcat compact equipment

Bobcat Company announces the addition of a new line of remanufactured parts for Bobcat compact loaders, excavators and utility vehicles. First introduced in 2007, the Duracore product line offered remanufactured engines, starters and alternators. Recently, remanufactured parts including turbos, injection pumps and injectors have been added to the Duracore line. The advantages of purchasing remanufactured parts include cost savings, efficient equipment performance and less impact on the environment.

Cost savings with efficient performance

During tough economic times, equipment owners feel the pinch of maintenance costs. Bobcat continues their commitment to meeting customers’ needs by offering the economical alternative of Duracore products.

Remanufacturing removes Bobcat parts from the disposal stream and multiplies the life of those parts. Duracore parts are thoroughly tested, inspected and remanufactured to original specifications in order to ensure a high-quality, dependable product. Remanufactured parts are sold at a fraction of the new component cost, and provide peace of mind with an accommodating warranty for up to 12 months.

Environmental sustainability

Duracore remanufactured parts reduce the need for raw materials, reduce landfill pollution and require less energy to manufacture. Eliminating waste that would have been headed for a landfill saves the Earth’s raw materials and customers’ money. By remanufacturing parts, Bobcat is able to maximize the energy and resources that added value to the original part. This recaptures the value of the product when it was first manufactured, creating a more efficient process and reducing pollution. 

Customers need their equipment up and running, but without breaking the bank. Bobcat listened and now offers additional Duracore remanufactured parts. For more information and pricing on Duracore remanufactured parts for Bobcat compact equipment, visit your local Bobcat dealership.

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