Wright improves Stander mowers

 Wright Commercial Products, the company that invented the stand-on mower, recently introduced its newly improved Stander for 2010.

The new Stander incorporates a suspension platform to provide an even smoother ride, a full-length thigh-to-knee pad to improve comfort and reduce fatigue, and a new spindle. Designed for low maintenance and longevity, the spindle has a labyrinth-style seal, ball bearings, and a 1-inch through-bolt shaft. 

This latest 48-, 52- and 61-inch Stander also boasts cut speeds up to 9.5 mph while still maintaining the control and traction to tackle all terrain, including steep hills. The short overall length makes the Stander more maneuverable than any mid-mount Z. Its low center of gravity and large wheels also provide the Stander with excellent hillside stability. With no seat, seatbelts or armrests, the operator can just step off in case of an emergency or to pick up debris, and the mower will stop immediately.

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