Maruyama holds successful distributor service managers meeting

 Maruyama U.S., Inc. recently held a successful training seminar for distributor technical service managers at the company’s headquarters in Denton, Texas. Technical representatives from 10 distributorships in North America attended the meeting.

During the four-day meeting, the technical service managers participated in a variety of training modules, including in-depth training of Maruyama’s patented low-emission certified 2-cycle engine technology, a technical overview of the new Maruyama XD mixing oil formulation, and several pump and spray rig demonstrations. The service managers also had several valuable opportunities to experience hands-on equipment disassembly and reassembly of Maruyama commercial-grade pumps and 2-cycle engines.

“It was a great meeting,” said Jim Librande, technical service manager, Scotsco, Inc. “The technical content was excellent and very much what I hoped for. I’m very excited to be working with these distributors again — now as part of the Maruyama family!”

Added Pete Fernald, technical services manager, Maruyama U.S., Inc., “The most anticipated part of the meeting was the hands-on pump training; the service managers were astonished at the simplicity and service capabilities of the Maruyama Uniflow pump. However, I think what really made the meeting a complete success was the renewed friendship between the distributors. It’s a close group. Many of the service managers have known each other for more than a decade, so there is a lot of camaraderie and mutual respect.”

Said Leif Ringstad, general manager, Maruyama U.S., Inc., “Maruyama is different from other companies in the outdoor power equipment industry on many levels, and this service managers meeting is a great example of just exactly what makes us different. Maruyama is blessed to work with some of the most experienced distribution service managers in the entire industry. Over 80 percent of the attending Maruyama service managers are certified technicians with the Equipment & Engine Training Council. When applying their decades of experience to Maruyama’s product line, it results in a uniquely profitable experience for the dealer, and an extremely positive service experience for the equipment user. We value the relationship between the distributor and the dealer so highly and will do everything in our power to encourage those relationships to strengthen and grow. It is the best path to excellent customer service, and that of course is the ultimate key to success for all of us.”

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