New Snapper NXT mowers designed to redefine the mowing experience

The new Snapper NXT mowers are geared toward transforming the mowing experience with their aggressive styling, push button start and dozens of other pioneering innovations.

The result of 3 years of research and consumer input, Snapper NXT is designed to shake up lawn care. “We asked consumers to help us create the ‘ultimate mower,’” said Troy Blewett, a member of the Snapper brand team that marshaled the development of the new mower. “Snapper NXT has innovations and features that have never been seen on a mower before.”

Designed in conjunction with BMW Group Designworks USA, the Snapper NXT is a standout in performance and looks. The mower’s innovations range from a push button starting system and car-like electronic instrument console to an optimized cutting system that efficiently cuts, mulches, and disperses grass clippings.

Consumer research has consistently singled out starting as the number one area for improvement on mowers. Snapper NXT responds with 1-touch starting, at the push of a button, on both the walk-behind and riding mowers. Choking, priming and pulling a cord are history.

The electronic console on the riding mower mirrors what one would find in a new car. In a glance, the operator can check fuel level, battery voltage, height of cut, hours of use and time of day. An additional maintenance reminder alerts the operator when it’s time to service the oil system, filters or blade.

The Snapper NXT walk-behind mower boasts its own exclusives, including a patent-pending variable speed REACT Drive Control System, which automatically adjusts the mower’s speed to the walking speed of the operator. Mow fast or slow, the mower intuitively matches the operator’s pace.  Another first is the mower’s electronic maintenance reminder, conveniently located between the hand controls.

There are even more innovations that make these mowers best in class:

 Snapper NXT Riding Mower

23-hp.* (46-inch deck) and 27-hp.* (52-inch deck) (* Engine power ratings are gross horsepower rated in accordance with SAE J1940)
Aggressive and rugged styling includes ultra long-life LED headlights, patent-pending hood-top airflow to cool the engine and extra-large rear tires for added traction. 
Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine that provides better fuel efficiency, lower emissions and less vibration. 
Electronic height adjustment for the mowing deck, set easily with the touch of a console switch.
Revolutionary cutting system featuring multi-directional, 3-blade steel mowing deck. Computer-optimized airflow and rugged construction mean streamlined cutting, mulching and dispersal are ensured under the toughest conditions.
Exclusive ergonomic, breathable suspension seat made from polyurethane mesh absorbs vibration while remaining cool and breathable on the hottest mowing days. Soft touch, automotive-style steering wheel.
Even the smallest details have been added — like an extra-large drink-holder and cell phone charger. 

 Snapper NXT Walk Mower

Advanced cutting system with a 22-inch double wave, notched blade and computer-optimized deck airflow for superior performance. 
Easy, tool-free conversion from mulching function to side discharge of clippings or rear bagging.
Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 8.75 torque power to manage the toughest lawns. Overhead valve operation provides better fuel efficiency, lower emissions and less vibration, and a unique muffler system reduces noise.
Wheels are set inside the cutting path of the deck, making it easy to trim closely around landscaping.
Handles adjust to suit different-sized operators and fold flat for easy storage.

Snapper NXT mowers can be purchased at Snapper dealers or online at The Snapper NXT walk-behind mower costs $499. The 23-hp.* Snapper NXT riding mower with 46-inch cutting deck retails for $2,599 and a 27-hp.* unit with 52-inch mowing deck, available only at Snapper NXT dealers, retails for $2,999.

For online purchases, the walk-behind mower will be shipped direct to consumers and the riding mower will be delivered through a Snapper dealer.

For more information on Snapper NXT, or to locate your nearest Snapper NXT dealer, visit

Snapper NXT, a Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group brand

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