Timberwolf unveils 8-ton log splitter

Timberwolf is introducing an affordable compact 8-ton log splitter. The TW-C1 is the smallest machine in Timberwolf’s lineup of 20 log splitters. If you’re re-splitting existing wood, filling the kindling box or splitting small rounds, the TW-C1 seems like just the ticket for those small-scale splitting needs. The TW-C1 weighs 255 pounds and can fit in a standard pick-up. It moves easily over uneven terrain with its carry handle and pneumatic tires. Cycle time is 14 seconds, and the splitting beam is 14.5 inches from the ground. Maximum log length is 18 inches. The machine is powered by a Honda Easy-Start 160-cc engine, so you can split wood outdoors anywhere you want in any weather. Log cradles come standard on the TW-C1. Timberwolf remains a family-owned company dedicated to building the finest log splitters money can buy. All of its machines are hand welded, assembled, powder coated and tested at its factory in Rutland, Vt., to ensure the highest level of quality and dependability. For more information, visit www.timberwolfcorp.com  

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