Q&A: Expert answers to landscape design questions

By Susan Cohan, APLD

Q: What are some garden trends to be aware of this year?

A: Some trends for 2010 are as follows:

1. Continued emphasis on organic and sustainable practices and products. Homeowners want a healthy environment outside, as well as inside.

2. Bling! Silver metallic and pewter antique-looking accessories – going along with the current fashion trends this includes mirrors, silver-gilt planters, silvered orbs and finials — even silver-foliage plants like Salvia argentia, Artemisia sp. and Stachys Byzantium ‘Helen von Stein’

3. Succulents in containers that push Zone boundaries. Exotic succulents combined in containers can make a huge impact on a small budget. A single specimen such as an Agave in a container is also part of this trend.

4. Increased interest in edibles, and combining edibles with ornamentals both in the garden and in containers. Front yard vegetable gardens in places that allow them are on the upswing as are balcony “farms.”

5. H2O! Permeable paving, rain barrels and drip irrigation systems of all types are trending up.

Award-winning, designer Susan Cohan, APLD, specializes in the creation of beautifully crafted outdoor spaces for gracious living. Her blog Miss Rumphius’ Rules features work in progress, musings on the creative process and insights on design. A founding member of the NJ chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), she also serves on its international board of directors as membership chair. For more information, visit www.susancohan.com

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