SourceOne unveils new hydrostatic-drive aerator

From its fingertip speed-control knob to its simplified, self-propelled hydrostatic-drive system, SourceOne’s PL855 PRO HD hydrostatic-drive aerator gives grounds professionals more productivity per hour, excellent aeration results and remarkably low maintenance. Like all Plugr reciprocating aerators, heat-treated, high-tensile-strength, computer-machined tines are driven into even hard soils with cam-action engine power instead of bulky weights. The PL855 PRO HD is especially effective on turf grasses and soils that are soft or spongy where self propulsion keeps the aerator moving forward at an appropriate aeration speed. For this new generation of hydrostatic aerators, SourceOne has included sleek unibody construction, improved handle ergonomics, easier maintenance access and a built-in quick-release receiver hitch for a StepSavr sulky.

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