B3C Fuel Solutions introduces three products to combat ethanol and bio-diesel problems


TANK SNAKE Water Extractor for gasoline


TANK SNAKE Water Extractor for diesel


DIESEL Mechanic In A Bottle


Mechanic In A Bottle Carburetor & Parts Cleaner

Nearly two weeks after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved E15 (15-percent ethanol) for use in model year 2007-and-newer cars and light trucks, B3C Fuel Solutions LLC announced the expansion of its line of environmentally friendly products and solutions for ethanol- and bio-diesel blended fuel (bio-fuel) related problems with the introduction of the following three products at GIE+EXPO:

1) TANK SNAKE Water Extractor is a device that continuously removes water — the leading cause of all ethanol and bio-diesel related fuel problems — preventing phase separation in gasoline, or algae and sludge buildup in diesel fuel. It also contains a fuel preservative to keep fuel fresh and preserved, especially in storage. This technologically advanced device is designed to be placed into the fuel tank for the whole season, making protection from bio-fuels easy. The gasoline version is available in two sizes and protects gas cans and equipment up to 20 gallons. The diesel version is available in 12 sizes from 20 gallons up to 10,000-gallon storage tanks. Combine the Tank Snake with Ethanol Shield in gasoline and Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle for Diesel fuel for full protection from all bio-fuel problems.

2) DIESEL Mechanic In A Bottle is designed to be an all-in-one (fix, protect and prevent, stabilize) fuel additive, curing problems seen with diesel and biodiesel fuels such as water absorption that leads to fungi growth and poor performance. Today’s diesel fuel can contain up to 5-percent bio-diesel in many parts of the United States, causing problems such as water absorption which acts as a nutrient for bacteria and fungi growth. Bio-diesel can cause fuel to age much faster and form sludge and deposits in the fuel system. This increases the likelihood of corrosion and failure of the aluminum, zinc, rubber and plastic parts of the fuel system. Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle is engineered to protect the entire fuel system from all problems related with both diesel & bio-diesel blended fuels, including gelling in cold weather.

3) Mechanic In A Bottle Carburetor & Parts Cleaner is a non-toxic, professional-strength dip cleaning solution, which uses an innovative filter medium to keep the solution free of debris and prevent contamination to the next carburetor. It is tough on old fuel deposits but gentle on all foam, plastic and rubber components. Cleaning times are 30 minutes to 2 hours on typical jobs, but the carburetor can be left in the solution longer without harming any of the delicate fuel system components. There are no petroleum distillates, as well as ozone-depleting or environmentally hazardous ingredients. It contains only EPA-approved solvents that are 100-percent bio-degradable.

For more information, visit www.MechanicInABottle.com.

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