Stens unveils new Silver Streak brand trimmer line collection

Stens has simplified its trimmer line offering so you can make fast and easy decisions when it comes to the selection process. Stens is launching 3 distinctive trimmer line choices under the Silver Streak brand: The Core, The Fire and The Edge. Each trimmer line features new and improved labeling and packaging, a new multi-spoke design spool for additional strength, and netting to prevent the line from unraveling. The Core is an extremely durable line with a dual core, round shape and orange color. As a result of the extended durability, less line is used and less time is spent loading the trimmer head. The Fire is an efficient red, round-shaped line. It is manufactured with a proven formula of durable copolymer. The Edge is a hexagonal-shaped, green line. With 6 cutting edges, this line gives a clean cut that leaves a professional finish and a healthier lawn.

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