Fuel Medics rescues engines from ethanol with new kit

 Fuel Medics is coming to the rescue of 2- and 4-cycle engines faced with ethanol-blended fuel-related problems with the introduction of the Fuel Medics’ 2- and 4-cycle Engine Medic Rescue Kit. The kit includes a 1-ounce bottle of “Carburetor Rescue,” the company’s strongest corrective formula to quickly clean carburetors on the spot, as well as a 1-ounce bottle of “Gas Medic” fuel treatment/stabilizer to prevent future problems. The kit is designed for customers with engines that won’t start or are running poorly due to ethanol issues or lack of maintenance, saving them valuable time and money on having to replace or rebuild a carburetor. These ethanol issues arise because water and moisture are attracted to fuel by ethanol. Once moisture (water) and fuel combine, it expedites the formation of gums and oxidation and eventually causes phase separation. Once phase separation occurs, water will puddle at the bottom of the tank and/or carburetor bowl.

Fuel Medics’ unique water dispersion technology prevents the formation of this water by creating a chemical reaction that permanently removes the water from the fuel. This additive package will provide measurable results as it slowly dissolves gum and varnish, and restores lubricating qualities to the fuel. It also atomizes the fuel into a smaller droplet, allowing fuel to burn more completely and efficiently. These changes will help engines run better and last longer. Fuel Medics’ products also stabilize fuel for up to 2 years. Fuel Medics offers many consumer-friendly sizes from 1 ounce to 1 gallon to economically treat any size fleet using gasoline or diesel. All Fuel Medics’ products are effective and safe for use in 2- and 4-cycle engines.

To locate a local distributor, call the phone number listed below.

Fuel Medics/(800) 951-5430


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