ARI unveils next generation WebsiteSmart

ARI — a provider of technology‐enabled services that help dealers, distributors and manufacturers in selected vertical markets increase revenue and reduce costs — announced on March 9 the launch of its new website solution with integrated eCommerce — WebsiteSmart.

“WebsiteSmart is designed to help dealers sell more new and used inventory, parts, accessories and service,” explains Brad Smith, product manager at ARI. “Driven by customers’ day‐to‐day feedback, as well as a customer satisfaction survey that we conducted in 2010, WebsiteSmart makes it easy for prospects and customers to look up and purchase parts, garments and accessories, using ARI’s library of more than 90 automatically updated OEM and aftermarket catalogs — all without leaving the dealership’s website.”

New, sales‐driving features include a broader selection of catalogs within the parts and accessories content; a parts viewer with built‐in search engine optimization so products can be found on Google, Yahoo or Bing; and a MyInventory tool, which displays new, used and rental inventory across multiple locations and gathers leads from potential customers to help dealers sell more units with just a few clicks.

“Thanks to the new MyInventory feature on our website, we were able to sell several over‐stock pieces of equipment in a few weeks,” says Quincy Dawkins, accounting manager at Otto Paap Outdoor Power, Franksville, Wis. “We had been trying to sell them for the last two years. It’s very easy to add new items to the ‘Featured Specials’ section, and we’ve seen instant results.”

In addition, WebsiteSmart includes eCommerce for wholegoods so dealers can sell inventory units online — to be shipped or picked up in‐store. Detailed tracking reports are integrated, using Google Analytics.

The universal search option comes with AutoComplete to enable customers to find products faster across the dealer’s website. “This feature is designed to enhance the shopping experience,” says Smith. “The faster customers find a product, the better chances you have that they will buy it from you — or else they’ll move on to a competitor’s website in less than a minute.”

The design gallery features expanded layout options and additional, easy‐to‐use administrative tools to provide ARI customers with the creative flexibility they have asked for. “Drag‐and‐drop homepage editor with widgets allows dealers to easily create complex home page designs with dynamic content,” explains Smith.

ARI Web Performance Coaches are available free of charge to provide dealers with tips on increasing their return on investment. “Our goal is to give our dealer clients every advantage they need to succeed,” says Kathy Sterling, web performance coach at ARI. “We want to make sure that our clients make the most of all the features on every page of their website to enhance their visibility and stand out from the competition, so they can consistently increase their Web‐generated sales,” adds Christine Ponder, the other member of ARI’s Web Performance Coach Team.

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