Kawasaki provides update on production in Japan facilities

Kawasaki informed its dealer network on March 30 that the company’s Akashi, Japan-based production facilities and OEM supplier facilities for handheld power products were not directly affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami that caused so much devastation in the northern part of the country. However, the company obviously relies on outside component suppliers and vendors in order to complete and deliver finished products, and Kawasaki is understandably sensitive to the issues that many of them could be facing as a result of the recent tragedy.

While Kawasaki, at this time, does not anticipate prolonged production stoppages or significant slow-down in existing production schedules, the situation remains fluid and can change on a daily basis. Because Kawasaki relies on “just-in-time” daily deliveries from its business partners, projecting definitive supply chain impact is difficult, and the company is prepared to make adjustments to fit the needs of all concerned.

Daily monitoring of both supplier and vendor situations, as well as potential transportation disruptions will allow Kawasaki to modify schedules, as needed. The company will provide regular updates as information becomes available.

Production facilities in the United States and China continue to produce and ship units as scheduled.

Obviously, the tremendous devastation that has occurred in Japan, and the subsequent humanitarian issues, must take precedent, and Kawasaki will strive to maintain successful business operations during this difficult time.

To provide support to those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the presidents of all of the U.S.-based Kawasaki entities are collecting donations from employees and forwarding them to the American Red Cross. The U.S. organization will then forward the funds to the Japanese Red Cross, assuring application where the help is needed most.

The Kawasaki Good Times Foundation is contributing $50,000 to initiate the charitable giving campaign.

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