Dtec expands Superior line of diamond blades

Dtec, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, offers an addition to its Superior series of diamond blades. Incorporating a unique, modern turbo rim style, premium diamond matrix design and durable construction, the 4- to 10-inch Superior blades feature quick speed and smooth cutting ability. The multi-purpose blades have been specially designed to provide exceptional cutting performance and extend blade life, and they are ideal for professionals in a variety of demanding industries, including general construction, landscape, demolition, masonry and concrete.

The Dtec Superior series boasts the ability to easily cut through steel without any damage to the blade. This is a clear benefit when cutting materials that may include unforeseen metal as the operator eliminates the associated worry of damaging or destroying the blade inherent with competitive products. In addition, the versatility of the blade enables operators to switch from one material to the next without wasting valuable time switching out the blade, making the Superior series an ideal solution for cutting reinforced concrete and masonry materials. In addition to concrete and steel, the versatility of the blade extends to a variety of other jobsite materials, including concrete paver, masonry block and brick, as well as higher-quality material like granite and stone.

Designed with a 12-millimeter segment height, the 4- to 10-inch Superior blades offer faster cutting and enhanced blade life. The increased segment height — combined with a thoughtful diamond matrix design — offers fast cuts, while preventing premature dulling. Additionally, the rim design has also been engineered to combat excessive heat — the number one enemy of a diamond blade. By offering a break or “relief” in the blade’s rim, the turbo segment design aids in heat dissipation, allowing the entire blade to run cooler.

Strategically placed cooling holes integrated into the blade design further protect from dangerous heat transfer in both wet and dry applications. This feature not only prevents blade warping, but also greatly extends product life. In addition, the cooling holes help to increase operator visibility “through” the rotating blade while cutting.

The Superior blades feature a thinner design than similar competitive models, allowing more precise cuts with less wasted material. Sturdiness is not compromised, however, as the blades are constructed with an armored core. Providing a Semi Silent blade with the stability of a thicker blade, the armored core offers increased overall strength and rigidity, while reducing vibration and noise.

Guaranteed to cut all jobsite materials, including steel, the 4- to 10-inch Superior diamond blades are intended for use with a wide range of angle grinders and circular saws.

Dtec, a product division of Affinity Tool Works

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