Blount introduces Oregon lithium-ion battery-powered chain saw

Blount, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of saw chain, announced on Aug. 1 the launch of the new Oregon PowerNow 40V MAX lithium-ion battery-powered chain saw.

This battery-powered chain saw delivers a combination of performance and features that makes it a true alternative to many gas-powered chain saws. Landscapers may depend on this chain saw for removing trees, pruning large branches, or clearing debris from property. When not in use, the PowerNow chain saw lithium-ion battery pack holds a charge for months.

The PowerNow chain saw offers instant starting without a pull cord, powerful cutting with no-fade power, and long runtime — all free from the hassles of gasoline or cords. At slightly less than 11 pounds, the PowerNow chain saw is lightweight and easily portable, as well as offers ergonomic comfort.

Equipped with a 14-inch bar, the PowerNow chain saw can power through logs as large as 10 to 12 inches thick. For smaller cuts, the chain saw goes non-stop, cutting up to 250 two- to three-inch branches on a single charge with the Endurance battery pack.

The PowerNow chain saw is much quieter than gas-powered chain saws in use and is silent between cuts. This is ideal for early-morning landscaping around homes or apartment buildings. With no fumes or emissions, it is also appealing to homeowners and municipalities that are interested in greener landscape maintenance.

“Many landscapers use gas-powered chain saws because they don’t believe that cordless electric chain saws have the power to perform,” said Alan Lofurno, business unit director, PowerNow Tools. “That has all changed with the new Oregon PowerNow chain saw. Its combination of power, instant start, low noise and zero emissions make it a great addition to a crew’s toolbox.”

“The PowerNow chain saw starts instantly with the pull of the trigger — no pull cords, no gas, and no warm-up times. It is quiet and offers powerful cutting with no-fade power until discharge. The lithium-ion battery pack provides long runtime, so the PowerNow chain saw is ready to perform,” said Lofurno. “All these features make a big difference to professional landscapers who want reliability and performance.”

The PowerNow chain saw features Oregon’s PowerSharp built-in chain sharpening system. When the chain dulls, simply pull the PowerSharp lever for 3 to 5 seconds with the saw running, and the chain will work like new.

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