Little Wonder launches program to trade up old blowers to the new Optimax

Little Wonder is offering an incentive program for its newest Optimax blower line. Under the new “Trade Up To Optimax Program,” which runs until September 15, 2012, customers can trade in their current blower for the latest Optimax blower and receive a $100 rebate. Eligible “Trade Up” products include any classic, push or self-propelled Optimax blower models, except for the LB 160H and LB 170S. Blowers to be traded in can be handheld, backpack or walk-behind, and may even include older Little Wonder models.

Little Wonder Optimax blowers are renowned for overcoming blowback frustration with a patented split-stream deflector. This deflector literally splits the airstream and creates a wall of air, with the fastest air blowing the leaves at the bottom of the pile and the upper airstream controlling blowback.

The new Optimax blower takes the durability and professional performance of the original Optimax to the next level.

“This new generation of Optimax blowers allows contractors to get the job done fast, and most importantly, to get it done right the first time,” said Bruno Quanquin, Little Wonder product manager. “We took the 2011 Optimax and redesigned it in several key areas, including a better center of gravity for exceptional balance and maneuverability around the property.

“Additionally, the new Optimax puts the contractor in control. Thanks to its new remote deflector control, contractors now have control of the patented split-stream deflector at their fingertips. From the operator’s handle position, they get on-the-fly airstream management as they need it.”

The “Trade Up To Optimax Program” is just one of Little Wonder’s multi-pronged campaign to add value to its robust landscaping and lawn care products. The Trade Up Rebate is fulfilled directly from the factory, with no forms for distributors or dealers.

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