Kubota UK Partners with MX on Front Loaders

Kubota UK has announced that it has secured a strategic OEM partnership with MX, the largest tractor loader manufacturer in France and the second-largest in Europe. MX will supply front loaders for Kubota’s M series tractors.

“Thanks to this partnership with MX, Kubota can now offer European farmers an even more comprehensive solution for their needs,” says Mel McGlinchey, vice president marketing of the tractor business at Kubota in Europe. “Kubota is delighted to work with MX as we continue to grow our presence in Europe.”

Kubota and MX plan to release two new front loader solutions for the Kubota M4003 and M5002 models later this year. The new models will feature MX’s e-Pilot S System, a technology for loader control that includes functions such as: implement locking and unlocking; activation and deactivation of the shock absorbers; and continuous third function, which allows constant flow to the loaders’ auxiliary service without the need to hold the button down. The first M6002 and M7003 equipped with MX front loaders have been already delivered to customers.

“The two words that sum up our company’s philosophy are innovation and collaboration,” says Frédéric Martin, president of MX. “This partnership with Kubota will help to continue applying these two concepts, since that’s the basis of any successful agreement.”

MX designs, manufactures and sells front loaders, front linkages, weights, buckets and grabs for loaders and telescopic loaders, bale handling machinery and silage buckets.



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